DEAD HEAT EPISODE ! with Sterling SporkGuy Anno this time

In This new episode of Hidden Horrors, James J Coker takes a break to let Sterling “the Spork Guy” Anno tell us about a cool Zombie Comedy from the 1980s we all didnt know existed….



23 roost_posterSo close to Halloween dear Horrorfiends! so why not a little known horror movie from horror director Ti West that takes place on Halloween, it is the Showtime channel Produced slow burn but equally nostalgia inducing THE ROOST

Before the main story begins we are treated to a terrific beginning showing the whole movie to be a old black and white late night “creature-Feature” Television showings with cheesy but cool cobwebs, Gothic corridors and a creepy horror host played by Tom Noonan, then the main story begins which is about four friends on there way to a wedding on Halloween in the countryside, but they are attacked by infected bats that when they bite you you turn into ravenous zombie like things.

Now since this is a Ti West movie one has to expect it to be slow burn…and it is but though this film is slow burn it has a good amount of fun and creepy moments. Ti West does a good job creating a sense of isolation for our characters through bright light that shines on them about complete darkness surrounding everything else. The pitch black darkness that surrounds them constantly gives a creepy and isolated vibe. Also when the bat and zombie attacks happen they are furious and fun.

But the best aspect of the whole movie is actually the Creature Feature horror host segments in the beginning and end. They give such a profoundly old school tone to it that one cant help but smile at…But the ending horror host segment takes a left turn, turning into a rather unsettling and creepy as hell POV style horror with a good jump scare to top it all off. It is a left turn that is completely unexpected and took me off guard.

So here is a little obscure mid 2000’s horror movie perfect for Halloween that usually goes off everyones radar this time of year, check this one out and give Ti West’s early stuff a chance. – James J. Coker


zombie_poster“Zombie,” also known in the UK as “Zombie Flesh Eaters” or in Italy as “Zombi 2,” is a legendary film directed by Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci, aka the “The Godfather of Gore.” Horror fans might not consider this a Hidden Horror, however I feel that outside of the horror community the movie does not get the credit it deserves. I have seen several polls on the greatest horror movies of all time and many of them do not mention this film. That makes no sense as it is one of the best fucking zombie movies ever made and deserves just as much respect as “Night of the Living Dead” or “Dawn of the Dead.”

The movie opens with a ship floating in the New York harbor. Some policemen go aboard to investigate and a bloated and rotten zombie attacks and kills one of them. A woman named Anne Bowles is questioned by the police as the boat belongs to her father. Anne tells the police that her father left for a tropical island to do some research. She meets a news reporter named Peter West, who is assigned to report on the mysterious boat, and the two go to the island to find Anne’s father. However when they arrive they find the island is infested with zombies and they are hungry for flesh.

Here is an interesting tidbit of information: When released in Italy the film was titled “Zombi 2” because the studio wanted viewers to think it was a sequel to “Dawn of the Dead,” which was re-titled as “Zombi.” This might be controversial statement but I stand by this, in my opinion “Zombie” is a better film than “Dawn of the Dead.” In fact I have not seen a zombie movie that measures up to the standards of Fulci’s film, with the exception of Romero’s original “Night of the Living Dead.”

The special effects were ahead of their time and very cutting edge. To this day the effects still look great. The zombies look really rotten and nasty, you can see maggots in their faces. There is also lots and lots of gore. Truly this film represents the essence of Lucio Fulci’s style. There are several iconic and memorable scenes such as the shark vs. the zombie, the eye gouging scene, and who can forget the conquistador zombie rising from the grave? Another interesting aspect of this movie is that it has zombies in a jungle/island environment, which you don’t see too often.

If you have not seen this film then watch it as fast as you can and add it to your movie collection. Myself and other horror fans will tell you this one is a mandatory watch. If you are new to the horror movie genre and want a zombie film that is as good as “Night of the Living Dead” or “Dawn of the Dead”, or you just want a great horror film to watch, then this is the movie for you. This film also serves as a great introduction to the world of Italian horror. A classic film that truly does live up to its reputation. Just reviewing this movie makes me want to watch it again.

-Dakota Bailey