New TV Terrors about Joe Pesci….

New episode of TV Terrors dear Horror fiends!

This time about the wonderful season 4 episode of Tales from the Crypt starring Joe Pesci getting a chainsaw to the dick!..



New episode of hidden Horrors you must hear! episode 6…favorites of 2016

Hey there Horrorfiends! instead of the usual episode, this time it is going to be episode 6 of the Hidden Horrors you must HEAR podcast with Sterling Anno and yours truly with pictures.
In this episode We discuss our top 13 favorite horror films of 2016 with LOTS of obscure ones and batshit crazy horror films you probably didnt hear about last year.
we also discuss the 2016 horror films that disappointed us, the 2017 horror movies we are looking forward to and finally show some much needed love and fond memories of the horror website Dreadcentral.
so hit play, listen and have fun with the first video upload of the Hidden Horrors you must hear podcast!


New episode of Hidden Horrors youtube series…..MAN-THING

Hey there Horrorfiends! a new episode of the Hidden Horrors youtube page is here and this time we take a look at the mid 2000s Marvel Superheroes Monster movie…. MAN-THING.

Hidden Horrors you must see – a New Beginning

Hey there horror Fiends! James J. Coker here letting you all know that if you have been wondering where Hidden Horrors has been these last two months…well..its Because I have been hard at work at developing a new youtube review series for Hidden horrors!

Thats right there is going to be a new video review series further shinning some love of more obscure horror films and this time with yours truly front and center and with clips from the hidden horrors.

stay Tuned for more info.

Hidden Horror Teaser Pic