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A NEW EPISODE OF HIDDEN HORRORS IS HERE! and just for the incredibly hot summer. This episode is all about an underrated little talked about Summer Camp Slasher movie…no its not Friday the 13th…no its not Sleepaway Camp…. its THE BURNING !



IMG_20160214_100206_9890Hey there dear horrorfiends! James J. Coker here wishing you all a happy Valentines day. If you have that special someone in your life then why not sit down and enjoy some Valentines Day slasher movies together like the My Bloody Valentines movies.

Now I tried to watch another Valentines day slasher movie that came out during the last year of the SCREAM boom to review for this blog on this holiday but i just couldnt like it. alot of Horror fans watch this slasher film on V-day and say they like it but i just couldnt. I am referring to the 2001 slasher film VALENTINE.


I tried to put this one in a “Underrated Horror for Valentines Day” title but as i was watching it last night I just couldnt really defend the film. I found it to be a paint by the numbers Scream clone with unlikable characters and goreless death scenes. But thats just me horrorfiends!


anyways I hope you all have a Good Valentines day and if your single…fuck it still watch the my bloody valentine movies, There alot of fun.

Harry Warden


05 superstition_poster_01Welcome Horrorfiends to another shinning light on a obscure little horror gem for our wonderful Halloween season. This little film from the early 80s faded into a obscurity probably due to the fact that the poster and trailer made it seem like a Witch film when at the time everybody wanted slasher film. Well the joke was on them because even though this hidden Horror does seem like a Witch film, the movie plays itself more like a supernatural slasher film. That film is SUPERSTITION

from imdb: A family moves into a long-condemned New England household with a big pond out back that everybody loves to swim in. Soon, however, they find that the pond was the site of the execution- by-drowning of a witch three hundred years before, and she’s back to revenge herself on anybody nearby, whether they’re Catholic or not.

This film packs on the “spooky” atmosphere from the get go. The beginning scene is a rift on the “Teens making out in a parked car” that ends with creepy blue lighted and cobwebs atmosphere combined with two gory and entertaining death scenes. The film then presents the family that moves in and though the film doesnt present each character with that much depth, we do notice they are somewhat of a damaged family.

The middle act does get a little show but there are hints and quick death scenes provided by the Witch and the last 25 minutes of the film is where it shines. The Witch makes all hell break loose and characters that you are convinced will not die, you know the old “oh they wont kill off …… in a movie” well they do die, The Witch kills them brutally, So the film takes you by surprise in the last 25 minutes and by how mean-spirited some of the family member death scenes are, especially one involving a stake through the forehead! lets just say this film was a bleak ending and everyone…EVERYONE is fair game to this vengeful Witch.

So if you want a spooky, surprising, mean-spirited Supernatural movie from the 80s this Halloween season but dont want to watch Freddy or Pinhead again, then seek out SUPERSTITION and give this Witch a chance. – James J. Coker


tumblr_inline_nel0cyeBm51r07hioHappy Valentines day horrorfiends! and if your in the mood to watch a obscure..well very oscure little slasher movie involving love then i got one “hidden Horror” that is quite different from the rest of them and sadly very obscure even to Horrorfans. The late 80s British slasher film that takes a hard left turn called “Unmasked Part 25″…no there is no parts 1-24, The title is a spoof of slasher franchises.

on a lonely night in London a trench coat and hockey masked slasher named Jackson butchers several party goers, in the midst of all the killing he runs into a blind girl named shelly who is convinced he is her blind date, Shelly shows compassion towards Jackson and they soon start a relationship. During which Jackson begin to question the point of all his killing while Shelly shows him that life isnt all that bad. Soon Jackson is torn between his love for Shelly and wanting a normal life and his very gruesome killer nature.

Now if your a slasher movie fan and have been craving for something different and unexpected in the slasher genre then this film can be quite the breath of fresh air for you, granted your okay with how the film takes a unexpected left turn. But if your worried it will be like the (throws up in mouth) Twilight movies or the well done Warm Bodies there is no need to worry, there is still plenty of wonderfully fun and gory kills in the movie, actually right in the beginning and a few near the end. The very first death scene we are treated to involves Jackson ripping off a guys face then ripping out his heart! then afterwards we are then treated to throat slashings, heads beat in with shovels, bodies skewered with spikes, and broken light bulbs shoved in mouths coming out the back of the head and this is all in the first 10 minutes of the movie!

But as i mentioned before the movie takes that left turn and we are then treated to how Jackson deals with all his killing and the inner torment of a monster trying to fight against his very nature to have a life with the woman he loves. Not only is there wonderful death scenes and refreshing change of pace for a slasher plot formula but there is even some “Meta” moments to the film with Shelly talking about a slasher film franchise called “Hand of Death” and Jackson telling her that “he is those movies” not to mention a quite funny scene involving shelly trying to get Jackson into some BDSM sex and Jackson just not really getting into it.

Near the ending of the film we are treated to a few more death scenes involving pitchforks to the chest, axes to the chest, necks ripped open, screwdrivers to the forehead, cleavers to the face and a particularly nasty head crushing scene with brains oozing out of one of the eye sockets. But the ending is a bit depressing as Jackson realizes that he cannot fight his nature and is doomed to always kill with Jackson looking upon a movie theater showing the newest film “Hand of Death part 26 Jacksons return”.

So if you want a slasher film involving love and the pursuit of happiness and something a fresh change of pace to the tired old formulas of the slasher genre then seek out the very obscure little British Slasher film “Unmasked part 25”. Youll enjoy how much of a different animal is it, though sadly it is a hard to find movie – James J. Coker

HIDDEN HORROR-Don’t Go in the House

MPW-24935”Don’t go in the House” is a 1980 horror/slasher film written and directed by Joseph Ellison. This film came out in the 80′s when slasher movies were very popular and they was a huge stream of them that came out and some of them that were very good were over looked. And this is one of them. It is probably one of the most brutal films of the 80′s era of horror films, and it is a great film that deserves more recognition. If this film had been more popular it probably would have had several sequels. Instead it was unpopular and no sequels followed.

 The film tells the story of a mentally unstable man named Donny. He lives in an old mansion with his elderly abusive mother. One day he returns after work and finds his mom sleeping in her rocking chair. He tries waking her up, but it becomes clear that his mom past away in her sleep. Donny is sad at first but then gets happy that there are no longer any rules in the household.. But he is wrong. As soon as he is about to do something that his mother would have not approved of, he hears her disembodied voice. Her voice begins to control and abuse him. Donny soon becomes very unstable and goes on a reign of terror with a flame thrower as his weapon!

This film to be honest rips off of ”Psycho”. However, this film brings a new level of brutality and dirtiness that ”Psycho” did not have. It is similar in ways such as that there is a son and a mom. The mom is dead, but the sun is deranged and still thinks that his mother is alive. Donny also preserves his mother’s corpse and it becomes some what of a skeleton sitting in a rocking chair such as in ”Psycho”.

What makes this film so cool, is that it is one of horror cinema’s best kept secrets. Also while other horror films of the 80′s depended on violence and gore, this film does not rely entirely on those factors. While there is some violence in this film, it does not depend on it. Instead this film is creepy, atmospheric and has a dirty exploitation vibe to it. I have heard reports that when this film was released on home video, it gathered dust on the shelves of video rentals. However this film gained some notoriety when Quentin Tarintino played it at his film festival and said he liked this film.

If you are looking for a classy Mario Bava horror this film is not for you. But if you want a brutal , under the radar horror film, then check this out.  Give this movie a chance and see one of horror cinema’s best kept secrets.

-Dakota Bailey


28 (2)We all know that John Carpenter’s “Halloween” is a classic horror film. When it comes to the sequels however most people dismiss them saying, “oh the sequels suck.”  Yes some of the sequels do in fact suck but I’m here to say that “Halloween 2 “does not suck. In fact I will even go as far to to say I actually like it better then the first…GASP!…yes I know.

It’s the same night as the first “Halloween.” Michael Myers is around the neighborhood after being gunned by Dr. Loomis six times. Now he’s in a hospital where the girl Laurie Strode was taken. And there’s a reason why Michael is after her…

Now what makes this sequel worthy of your time is that not only does the storyline take place seconds after the first film but the creepiness factor and atmosphere is just as good as the first film. However whereas the first film has few victims and no blood this one has a ton of victims and there’s a fair amount of blood. What the means is not only are you getting the creepy atmosphere and creepy lighting of the first film you’re also getting more death scenes and more graphic ones no less. Also Michael Myers is more sinister and menacing in this one. And of course Donald Pleasence plays Dr. Loomis very serious and even a bit nutty too.

If you’re tired of watching the first Halloween for the one millionth time pop in “Halloween 2” and be surprised.

-James J. Coker


Poster_of_the_movie_Satan's_Little_HelperIf you’re looking for another horror comedy for your Halloween season but instead want your comedy to be dark and twisted, not to mention filled with the Halloween spirit, look no further then Jeff Lieberman’s “Satan’s Little Helper.”

Young Douglas Whooley is obsessed with Satan because of a video game titled Satan’s Little Helper, in which the player helps Satan to carry out his evil bidding. When his beloved older sister comes home for Halloween with an unexpected boyfriend in tow he angrily takes to the streets dressed as Satan’s helper, hoping to find the dark lord who will kill the unwanted guest. Yes, early in the film you will know Douglas is a kid with mental issues. Sure enough he comes into contact with a guy dressed like Satan who, as it turns out, is just your average run of the mill serial killer in a costume. The two of them cut the town red and spread some Halloween mayhem.

What makes “Satan’s Little Helper” a great film is that it has a unapologetically sick, dark, twisted and fucked up sense of humor, so much so that upon the first viewing you may not like the film. This happened to me, but once you give the film a second chance you will appreciate how fun but also how sick and twisted the film is. Also the “Satan” himself does get comedic in a twisted way though he still remains a very menacing presence throughout, leaving you begging poor delusional Douglas to finally realize that it isn’t all a video game. The film gleefully makes fun of the whole video games create killers theory but in such a twisted yet comical way.

If you’re looking for some fucked up humor for your Halloween then seek out “Satan’s Little Helper.” It’s a doozy of a dark comedy

-James J. Coker