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This time about a little known but batshit wonderful Mexican horror movie from the 70s.

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hdUnderground filmmaker and genius Jim Van Bebber is one of the most brutal and heinous filmmakers there are out there today. While he made a full length movie (The Manson Family), his short are incredible and in this 1994 short film ”My Sweet Satan” Van Bebber writes, directs, and plays the lead role in one of the most nastiest films that captures ‘Satanic Panic’ era. This film is based on the story of the drug addicted, Devil worshiping, murderer teenager named Ricky Kasslin.

Ricky Kasslin (Van Bebber), is a drug using, devil worshiping heavy metal fan, with a really weird hair cut. He is known in his area as ‘Ricky the Acid King’, and gives other young adults free drugs. Ricky is almost a kind of Mansonesque kind of person and he has a lot of influence on those in his inner circle. His days are endless hanging out with his friend Jimmy, doing drugs, sacrificing a chicken (don’t worry, its not real) partying and worshiping the devil. However, one of Ricky’s friends steals from him leading to one of the most brutal, nasty and gory on-screen murders.

I know this is just a 20 minute film or short film, but you can tell that Van Bebber put a lot of effort into and it the end result is a well crafted heinous piece of underground cinema. Van Bebber is extremely talented and versatile and has starred in most of his films. He has also directed music videos for bands such as Pantera and Superjoint Ritual and Necrophagia’s home video ”Through the Eyes of the Undead”.  However, he has an extreme and abrasive film style that is too extreme for Hollywood and that is why he is such an underrated director. But believe me, he blows all the other mainstream horror directors out of the water, and his films are usually shot on a low budget with a lot of creativity and his films have a Grindhouse kind of vibe to them.

So, if you want a nice piece of extreme and nasty horror, this is totally for you. Some horror fans that are used to gore are shocked and disgusted by the murder in the finale of this film, as it definitely packs a disturbing punch. Chances are, this title will become one of your top movies once you have seen it, even if it is only 20 minutes long.It is a pretty accessible film too. Just google it and you will be able to see the film in its entirety for free.

-Dakota Bailey


When it comes to Rod Serling   “The Twilight Zone” instantly comes to mind. People overlook his other TV show called “Night Gallery”. It was different then Twilight Zone, and it focused more on horror. Each episode started off with Rod Serling in a gallery full of odd paintings. He would then give an intro and show a painting that was connected the story the viewer was about to see and the episode started. There are several great episodes and I will be taking a look at one called “Return of the Sorcerer” which starred horror legend Vincent Price, and its the perfect “Night Gallery” episode for Halloween time.
     A translator named Noel (Bill Bixby) has been called by an eccentric man named John Carnby (Vincent Price) to translate an ancient text connected to the Necronomicon. He arrives to what appears to be a castle and meets John. It is apparent that Carnby is entangled in the occult and Satanism and Noel starts to hesitate after he learns that two previous translators translated the text and found out it was “grisly” and ran away. However Noel cannot resist because of the large amount of money, and he feels it is safe because of John’s female assistant. He stays and things get even weirder as the three gather and eat dinner with a goat that John claims is his father! Noel eventually learns the evil secret behind the text but it doesn’t end well.
      What makes this episode stand out from other Night Gallery episodes is that it is pure Satanic. And that is pretty extreme for a 70’s TV show. Also it is very atmospheric and kind of has a Mario Bava vibe at times. The Satanic seance scene is very well done and the whole episode has kind of a malevolent vibe similar to that of a Venom record. It also starts Vincent Price, who is an incredible actor playing the aging Satanic sorcerer. He also had screen presence and despite that he was pretty old when this episode was made, he still owns it and steals the spotlight. While all the Night Gallery episodes are good, this one rises above the average episode with its evilness.
                                           – Dakota Bailey


house_of_the_devilIf you need a little satanism thrown into your horror movies this Halloween then check out the recent horror film that is developing cult status among horror fans yet is still hidden to mainstream movie goers. I am talking about Ti West’s “House of the Devil.”

In the 1980s college student Samantha Hughes takes a strange babysitting job that coincides with a full lunar eclipse. She slowly realizes her clients harbor a terrifying secret; they plan to use her in a satanic ritual.

Now I must warn all those who have short attention spans. “House of the Devil” is a slow burn of a horror movie but believe me the pacing works sooooo very well for the film. Director Ti West takes time with the pacing to build atmosphere, build our main character, build a slow tension and create a wonderful early ‘80s feel to the film. What works so well for “House of the Devil” is that there’s all this slow burning atmosphere and tension and then BAM! all this satanic horror and gore hits you like a freight train! You know the director wanted a very 80’s style movie when he has the main character pop on a walkman, play The Fixx’s “One Thing Leads To Another” and dance around the house to it 80’s teen movie style. Seriously that one scene made me smile ear to ear in delight.

If you want some satanism with your horror movies this October and have a solid attention span to appreciate the slow burn then seek out “House of the Devil” and give it a go.

-James J. Coker

31 HIDDEN HORRORS FOR HALLOWEEN – OCT.14th – HIDDEN HORROR – Grave Robbers AKA “Ladrones De Tumbas”

15So far in our Halloween countdown we have done two Japanese horror films. For today’s entry I thought why not review a foreign horror film from a country no one really looks to for horror. I’m talking about Mexico! When some seasoned horror fans hear Mexican horror they think of incredibly cheesy movies where masked Mexican wrestlers fight bad looking monsters. Yes there are those Mexican horror movies out there but if you look closely you will find that in the ‘80s and early ‘90s there was a slew of pretty gory and enjoyable Mexican horror movies, especially the three directed by Ruben Galindo Jr. So for our 31 Hidden Horrors for Halloween I offer you the goriest and most fun out of all of those obscure little Mexican gorefests…”Grave Robbers…or its Spanish title “Ladrones De Tumbas”

A group of young grave robbers rob the tomb of an executed satanist executioner from the medieval age (even though there in Mexico hahaha) and the Corpse comes back now a hulking zombie with a big medieval time axe seeking gory revenge on them.

What is so fun about “Grave Robbers” is that you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t skip out on the gory stuff: heads and limbs are chopped off, heads are crushed, guts are ripped open and faces axed right into. The red stuff flows in this slasher film and the zombie satanist slasher himself doesn’t look half bad. Also the film has a fast and fun pace once the big baddie finally shows up. If you want to add a little Mexican for your Halloween Horrors and don’t mind all the Gore (you really shouldn’t if your a horror fan) then track down “Grave Robbers” and give it a watch, preferably while eating some mexican candy.

-James J. Coker