New episode of hidden Horrors you must hear! episode 6…favorites of 2016

Hey there Horrorfiends! instead of the usual episode, this time it is going to be episode 6 of the Hidden Horrors you must HEAR podcast with Sterling Anno and yours truly with pictures.
In this episode We discuss our top 13 favorite horror films of 2016 with LOTS of obscure ones and batshit crazy horror films you probably didnt hear about last year.
we also discuss the 2016 horror films that disappointed us, the 2017 horror movies we are looking forward to and finally show some much needed love and fond memories of the horror website Dreadcentral.
so hit play, listen and have fun with the first video upload of the Hidden Horrors you must hear podcast!



Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to Hidden Horrors You Must See:

This is a blog dedicated to exposing horror fans to all the wonderful horror media they might have missed. James J. Coker started Hidden Horrors You Must See as a community page on Facebook with a goal of informing horror fans about little-known horror films, underrated sequels, underrated gems and the best in anthology horror television. This blog is an extension of that Facebook page. As such everything reviewed is a product that we feel is worth your time and energy. Also, we don’t write any negative reviews as that is not our emphasis. All the content we review falls into four categories and they are:

  • Hidden Horror: Little-known horror films of all types
  • Underrated Sequels: Sequels that need more love
  • Underrated Gems: Established movies that don’t seem to get the respect they deserve
  • Terror TV- Episodes of Horror Anthology shows.

Thanks so much for checking out the blog and stay tuned. If you would like to make a recommendation you can contact either myself, Ryan Laskodi, or James at

If you are a fan of the Facebook page. I will work on getting those reviews up here. Thank you for your support

-Ryan Laskodi