5 TV Terrors for you Halloween !


so before the big night happens. Here is 5 episodes from Horror anthology shows that are perfect for the Halloween season.


TERROR TV – MONSTERS – the Waiting Game

14 The Waiting Game.avi_001105511The third and final season of the obscure horror anthology show Monsters was a mixed bag. there was quite a number of noteworthy almost too good for the show itself episodes along with unwatchably bad episodes. One of those noteworthy episodes is one with a terrific story concept, it was “the Waiting game”

After a nuclear blowout, only two factions remain. Humans inside of a small locked shelter, and nuclear holocaust vampires. With the two sides only separated by a small digital code on the outside of the shelter.

Now along with the storyline which you have to admit Nuclear holocaust vampires sounds pretty damn entertaning, the episode also boast decent characters and performances along with a creepy tone especially when the character are not sure what is out there in the ruins ut they see shadows pass by and hear eerie wailing outside. So it does rank up the creep factor before it is revealed to be vampires led by a “vampire Jesus” of sorts. And finally it also has a rather grim ending not by what is shows but by what it implies and what it implies goes along the the episode title.So if you want a episode of Monsters that has a entertaining storyline to it, seek out “the Waiting Game” – James J. Coker