5 TV Terrors for you Halloween !


so before the big night happens. Here is 5 episodes from Horror anthology shows that are perfect for the Halloween season.


TERROR TV – MONSTERS – the Waiting Game

14 The Waiting Game.avi_001105511The third and final season of the obscure horror anthology show Monsters was a mixed bag. there was quite a number of noteworthy almost too good for the show itself episodes along with unwatchably bad episodes. One of those noteworthy episodes is one with a terrific story concept, it was “the Waiting game”

After a nuclear blowout, only two factions remain. Humans inside of a small locked shelter, and nuclear holocaust vampires. With the two sides only separated by a small digital code on the outside of the shelter.

Now along with the storyline which you have to admit Nuclear holocaust vampires sounds pretty damn entertaning, the episode also boast decent characters and performances along with a creepy tone especially when the character are not sure what is out there in the ruins ut they see shadows pass by and hear eerie wailing outside. So it does rank up the creep factor before it is revealed to be vampires led by a “vampire Jesus” of sorts. And finally it also has a rather grim ending not by what is shows but by what it implies and what it implies goes along the the episode title.So if you want a episode of Monsters that has a entertaining storyline to it, seek out “the Waiting Game” – James J. Coker


The Hole.avi_000791124It’s been a while since I reviewed an episode of the anthology series “Monsters.” For this entry I’ll be taking a look at one of the best episodes from the final season, one that really stands out from the typical low budget, two sets limit of the show. I am talking about the Viet Cong zombies episode The Hole.

A group of American soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War retreat into an underground bunker. While they think they are safe they will soon encounter a threat far more sinister than the Viet Cong.

There are multiple aspects that make this episode worth watching. First, the story line is great. How can you go wrong with Viet Cong zombies? Second, the make-up effects on the zombies is fantastic. Third, the setting of the bunker provides a creepy and claustrophobic atmosphere. Fourth, there is a great build-up throughout. It starts out slow but as our panicked soldiers discover what they are up against, and more and more of the dead start popping out of the walls, the pace builds faster and faster.

The Hole is an excellent, stand out episode of the series and one that horror fans should check out once the DVD collection of “Monsters” comes out later this year.

 -James J. Coker


16 Match Game.avi_001022421Now if you want to watch an episode of the anthology show “Monsters” and want it to be spooky for your Halloween season then you need to see the episode The Match Game, which I think is probably the best episode of the whole series.

It’s about four teenagers, the shy guy, the flirty girl (played by Ashley Laurence of “Hellraiser”) the jacket wearing bad boy and the annoying bitch (played by Tori Spelling, figures), who sneak into an abandoned Victorian era house around midnight to play the match game. If you don’t know what the match game is it’s where a person lights a match, starts telling a story and when the match burns down they stop. Then the next person in line continues the story from where the previous person left off. So in this case the four tell the horrific story of the previous owner of the house, Herbert Waverly. As they tell more and more of the story, Herbert Waverly’s rotting, slimy corpses rises up from the nearby pond to terrorize them.

What makes this episode possibly the best of the series is that not only is it incredibly well done it also has a very old school style spooky atmosphere that works for either late night viewing or viewings in October. Also Herbert Waverly himself is an awesome looking zombie when he does finally show up. Lastly the best part of this episode is when Herbert Waverly kills Tori Spellings character. He mashes her head into goo! YES! A kickass looking zombie mashes that annoying actresses head into goo! If you dislike Tori Spelling like I do then that is reason alone to seek out this episode! If not then seek it out anyways. It’s a good spooky 30 minutes for October

-James J. Coker

TERROR TV – Monsters – Bug House


This incredibly well done episode of “Monsters” titled Bug House is about a woman who visits her younger sister after a year only to discover the house falling apart, her younger sister months pregnant and acting very odd and depressed, and the baby’s father a well groomed,polite yet very mysterious young man named Peter. What’s good about this particular episode is that though the situation of the characters seems realistic the whole tone of the episode is very unsettling and when the younger sister finally gives birth to the “baby” the whole episode turns horrific and you of course find out what has really happened. The episode has a downer ending that you do see coming once the “baby” is born but a decent downer ending at that. If you ever come across the “Monsters” anthology show on Chiller and see the episode Bug House is playing…tune it immediately

-James J. Coker

TERROR TV – Monsters – Holly’s House


Holly’s House is possibly one of the best episodes of the criminally underrated and practically forgotten late 80’s horror anthology show “Monsters.” This episode has a lot going for it. The titular monster, a robotic doll used in a popular children’s show, is creepy as fuck and used in such a creepy and terrific way with some damn eerie atmospheric moments, There’s good use of character development and that makes the characters seem all too real and relatable. Lastly, it ends on a such a dark and downer ending that I just couldn’t help but love it. If you ever happen to catch episodes of “Monsters” on Chiller (since it STILL is not out on DVD) make sure to give Holly’s House a chance

-James J. Coker