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This time about a little known but batshit wonderful Mexican horror movie from the 70s.

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Cemetery of TerrorHappy Cinco De Mayo horror fiends! a day which white people try to be mexican and to mexicans its just another day. Now if you are looking for a mexican horror movie but dont want anything with mexican wrestlers and want something a little more gory and ghoulish then ive got just the obscure mexican horror movie for you. A “hidden horror” that is hardly talked about even in the horror community, it is the 1985 slasher-haunted House and cemetery zombie hybrid film “CEMENTERIO DEL TERROR” or Cemetery of Terror in english.

from IMDB: A professor suspects that a vicious killer may have discovered a way to return from the grave and continue his violent spree. His fears are proved true when a group of teenagers decide to pull a Halloween prank by stealing the killer’s body from the morgue. When the teens recite an incantation from an old magic book over the corpse, it begins to come back to life, along with all of the bodies from the nearby cemetery.All the while three children trick or treating are terrorized by all the bodies that have now risen in the nearby cemetery.

Now if you go into this movie with your expectations just a little lowered you will probably have a good time with this one. It Features incredibly dumb teenage victims that give makes the Friday the 13th series victims look smart. Surprisingly the film is filled with a good amount of gore as the resurrected and very Charles Manson looking slasher kills the dumb teens one by one with the Haunted house and then we are given another storyline of the three kids being terrorized by all the rotten zombies in the cemetery! so its goes from a haunted house movie to a slasher movie and then into a zombie movie! Needless to say amidst some of the bad points this film quite a fun piece of 1980s mexican cheese or should is say queso. Either or if you want a fun mexican horror movie that jumps from one sub-genre to another this Cinco de Mayo then seek out “CEMENTERIO DEL TERROR” and enjoy. – James J. Coker

31 HIDDEN HORRORS FOR HALLOWEEN – OCT.14th – HIDDEN HORROR – Grave Robbers AKA “Ladrones De Tumbas”

15So far in our Halloween countdown we have done two Japanese horror films. For today’s entry I thought why not review a foreign horror film from a country no one really looks to for horror. I’m talking about Mexico! When some seasoned horror fans hear Mexican horror they think of incredibly cheesy movies where masked Mexican wrestlers fight bad looking monsters. Yes there are those Mexican horror movies out there but if you look closely you will find that in the ‘80s and early ‘90s there was a slew of pretty gory and enjoyable Mexican horror movies, especially the three directed by Ruben Galindo Jr. So for our 31 Hidden Horrors for Halloween I offer you the goriest and most fun out of all of those obscure little Mexican gorefests…”Grave Robbers…or its Spanish title “Ladrones De Tumbas”

A group of young grave robbers rob the tomb of an executed satanist executioner from the medieval age (even though there in Mexico hahaha) and the Corpse comes back now a hulking zombie with a big medieval time axe seeking gory revenge on them.

What is so fun about “Grave Robbers” is that you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t skip out on the gory stuff: heads and limbs are chopped off, heads are crushed, guts are ripped open and faces axed right into. The red stuff flows in this slasher film and the zombie satanist slasher himself doesn’t look half bad. Also the film has a fast and fun pace once the big baddie finally shows up. If you want to add a little Mexican for your Halloween Horrors and don’t mind all the Gore (you really shouldn’t if your a horror fan) then track down “Grave Robbers” and give it a watch, preferably while eating some mexican candy.

-James J. Coker