5 TV Terrors for you Halloween !


so before the big night happens. Here is 5 episodes from Horror anthology shows that are perfect for the Halloween season.


New Episode of Halloween Horrors! . . . HALLOWEEN CANDY

Hey there Horrorfiends! a new episode of Halloween Horrors is here! this time about arguably the best Tales from the Darkside episode ever! and a perfect episode for your Halloween season. ENJOY!

HALLOWEEN HORRORS!!! – Chiller Network’s Dare 2 Direct film contests 2007/2008

ITS HERE HORRORFIENDS! The Halloween season is upon us! and if you havent already read Matthews review of the cheesetastic lost Canadian slasher film “Massacre up North” Then check out the first episode of the Halloween oriented Hidden Horrors you must See videos “HALLOWEEN HORRORS”

In this first episode, Yours Truly presents a VHS recorded cut of Chiller Networks Halloween specials…There Dare 2 Direct Film Contests both 2007 and 2008. – James J. Coker



hidden Horrors Halloween episode picWelcome Horrorfiends to the third episode of Hidden Horrors you must hear…THE HALLOWEEN EPISODE MUHAHAHAHA! in this episode Sterling Anno and I discuss what we have been up to since the summer episode, pay tribute to Roddy Piper and Wes Craven, share some Hidden gems for the Halloween season, spew some excitement for the 2015 Halloween seaosn and rave about Astron-6’s new film “THE EDITOR” so download and listen to this Halloween treats dear Horrorfiends! also music credits to Kevin Macleod and opening intro credits to Dylan Shaver and Kate Lewis.


01 Hellions_1sheet_webNow dear horrorfiends i know this one might seem like a cheat since this film just came out two weeks ago, but lets face it normal movie viewers are not going to know about this film so technically it can count as a Hidden Horror. And not just a Hidden Horror but a Hidden Halloween gem horror fans should seriously check out for this Halloween season and make it a annual viewing every October, It is the Canadian made demonic Trick or Treater movie HELLIONS.

Hellions is about a teenage girl named Dora on Halloween during a blood moon who lives in a town famous for his Pumpkin Patch and discovers that she is pregnant and soon finds everyself being terrorized by creepy, demonic Trick or Treaters who want her unborn baby.

This film is Bruce McDonalds return to Horror after his incredibly cerebral zombie film “PontyPool” back in 2009. And boy i can say Bruce McDonald has not lost it. The character of Dora is a very rootable character and you denuinely dont want to see her in any peril, so when the trick or treaters attack it can be very tense. The demonic trick or treaters manage to be creepy, incredibly menacing and nightmarish all at the same time.  the film also adopts a surrealistic tone to the terror as soon as the trick or treaters attack. As soon as the terror begins the film adopts a pinkish-red color correction throughout the rest of the movie, almost suggesting a sense of surrealism is not adopted the area our poor Dora is in. But as the terror progresses more odd and surreal things begin to happen making the viewer question if everything truly is happening to Dora.

I believe the best way to describe this film is its a Halloween nightmare and should be sought out by horror fans immediately for this Halloween season. Hopefully this movie will become recommended viewing every October my dear horrorfiends. – James J. Coker


Cemetery of TerrorHappy Cinco De Mayo horror fiends! a day which white people try to be mexican and to mexicans its just another day. Now if you are looking for a mexican horror movie but dont want anything with mexican wrestlers and want something a little more gory and ghoulish then ive got just the obscure mexican horror movie for you. A “hidden horror” that is hardly talked about even in the horror community, it is the 1985 slasher-haunted House and cemetery zombie hybrid film “CEMENTERIO DEL TERROR” or Cemetery of Terror in english.

from IMDB: A professor suspects that a vicious killer may have discovered a way to return from the grave and continue his violent spree. His fears are proved true when a group of teenagers decide to pull a Halloween prank by stealing the killer’s body from the morgue. When the teens recite an incantation from an old magic book over the corpse, it begins to come back to life, along with all of the bodies from the nearby cemetery.All the while three children trick or treating are terrorized by all the bodies that have now risen in the nearby cemetery.

Now if you go into this movie with your expectations just a little lowered you will probably have a good time with this one. It Features incredibly dumb teenage victims that give makes the Friday the 13th series victims look smart. Surprisingly the film is filled with a good amount of gore as the resurrected and very Charles Manson looking slasher kills the dumb teens one by one with the Haunted house and then we are given another storyline of the three kids being terrorized by all the rotten zombies in the cemetery! so its goes from a haunted house movie to a slasher movie and then into a zombie movie! Needless to say amidst some of the bad points this film quite a fun piece of 1980s mexican cheese or should is say queso. Either or if you want a fun mexican horror movie that jumps from one sub-genre to another this Cinco de Mayo then seek out “CEMENTERIO DEL TERROR” and enjoy. – James J. Coker

UNDERRATED SEQUEL – When a Stranger Calls Back

When a Stranger Calls Back posterWhen filmmaker Fred Walton (April Fool’s Day, 1986) originally set out to make a horror film, he created one of the most terrifying short films called The Sitter.

After the success of Halloween, he set his sights on turning the short into a feature length film, cashing in on the then fresh, but quickly escalating, “lonely babysitter being pursued by a psychopathic stalker” sub-genre. The outcome was a terrifying 20-minute opening sequence (the original short, based on the phone call came from within the house urban legend), followed by a drab 67 minutes of filler called When a Stranger Calls.

Fast-forward 24 years to the made-for-TV (and far superior) sequel, When a Stranger Calls Back.

It begins in the tradition of the original film, where an isolated babysitter named Julia (scream queen Jill Schoelen, The Stepfather, 1987) is being harassed by a stranger through her employers’ front door. In what unfolds to a truly horrific experience, Julia lives through the incident, but is scarred for life.

A few years later, Julia is enrolled in college, but knows that the stranger has been frequenting her apartment, playing games by infiltrating her home and moving objects while Julia is absent or sleeping.

After seeking help from the police, who merely laugh at the idea, Jill and John (Carol Kane and Charles Durning reprising their roles from the first film) come to Julia’s aid to catch the stranger and help her nightmare end. The pursuit eventually unfolds into one paralyzing moment after another, and it all leads up to one of the strangest and most realistically terrifying scenes ever put to film.

When a Stranger Calls Back is an atmospheric film through it’s use of lighting and camera techniques. It sets the scene and makes viewers feel very uncomfortable through long shots and plenty of dark spaces throughout.

The disturbing realism is reminiscent of other psychological thrillers that swept through the early 90s, unfortunately leaving this one over-shadowed. Films like The Silence of the Lambs, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Cape Fear and so on, but When a Stranger Calls Back deserves to be a top contender amongst them all.

It is one of the few films that has a realistically haunting climax that has stuck in my head since first viewing over twenty years ago. I was lucky enough to find this film in one of the last remaining video stores’ VHS bins to re-live it recently, and it’s undoubtedly the same copy I rented way back when.

~ Matthew McPhee