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HIDDEN HORROR – Guinea Pig series – Mermaid in a Manhole

Mermaid in a Manhole I have been a horror fan since about 5 years old due to showings of the classic monster movies and episodes of Tales from the Crypt for about as far as i can remember. So normally the more disturbing horrors that the genre has to offer does not really disturb me because i have become as you say “Jaded” but recently are very obscure and very rare Japanese horror movie from the late 80s that was apart of the notorious Guinea Pig franchise actually did something that hasnt happened to me in a good while. I was genuinely disturbed and grossed out by a horror film…it was Horror manga artists Hideshi Hino’s ” Mermaid in a Manhole”.

Now in my defense this was my first time seeing a Guinea Pig movie, and what i have heard about the Guinea Pig movies were quite notorious so my expectations were high and it did not disappoint. Now granted I have seen Last House on the Left, Cannibal Holocaust, Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer and a few other notoriously disturbing horror films, but there was something about this little obscure gem from Japan that truly did it for me.

This hour long gem is about a lonely painter who just lost his wife and who gets inspiration for his paintings by visiting the sewers below his street finds a Mermaid trapped in the sewers down below, he rescues her but discovers that from living in the sewers for so long that she is sick and is developing sores and boils all over her body that begin to bleed pus and pulsate. The painter is grief stricken yet again and tries to help the poor mermaid but the mermaid instructs the painter to use the different colors of pus coming from her boils to use as paint for his painting of her. As her sickness gets worse and worse, a variety of different things start to pulsate from her boils like a variety of pus, guts and even worms! as the mermaid is dying in agonizing pain the painter slowly loses his mind and begins to dismember her with a cleaver!


Now right in the first few frames of Mermaid in a Manhole you are treated to atmospheric yet very unsettling shots of the sewer and the many different debris that is in there including a dead baby floating in the sewage. From that beginning you know you are in for a unsettling and disturbing right and it only gets worse from there. The painter we are introduced to is a lonely man whom we feel sorry for and even reminiscences about when he was a boy and the sewer was once a beautiful river (more on that later) but when he finally takes the mermaid back to his home and discovers the boils is when the true gross out really begins.


A variety of different pus oozes from her boils as she screams, the body horror only gets worse from there as the pus gets worse with gross close up shots of it and even one scene that almost started to make myself gag! it is when worms start to pulsate out of the poor mermaids boils and the lonely painter has to pull out those worms! now even with all the gross out horror happening director Hidishi Hino gives the viewer some breather time when the mermaids sickness stops and theres a bit of calmness, the sounds of the painter painting from the mermaids pus or even a clock ticking. These moments for the audience to breath still manages to let you register what you saw and yet still be a bit unsettled.


Finally during the end the painters mind breaks down and he begins to hack up the mermaid with a cleaver, it is during this moment that a shocking twist is revealed and then even furthered by the painter reaching into the bloody mangled corpse and pulling “something” out of it. This truly disturbing ending actually left me heavy breathing from being unsettled. It is truly a dark and extremely grim film that strikes right at the heart and yet stays in your head for a good while.


Horror manga artist Hideshi Hino’s Mermaid in a Manhole (which is also is adapted from his own manga of the same name) is truly a obscure piece of Japanese horror cinema that is truly disturbing and grossly unsettling. 1980s Japanese horror cinema was the stuff of uncomfortable, disturbing and nightmarish visions of hell and this film is no exception to it. Watching this film will truly make you feel like you need to take a shower afterwards and put on some Disney movies to get your mind off of it. It is a damn shame that Hideshi Hino did not go on to direct more Japanese horror cinema (he also did one other Guinea Pig film before Mermaid) for if he did he would of have a filmography of some of the most disturbing and nightmarish horror movies ever made and would of been a household name to the horror community the world over. And it is an even bigger shame that the american dvd for Mermaid in a manhole which was put out by Unearthed films is long LONG out of print with copies ranging up to $100 !

Watching this japanese horror gem is in a emotional way like looking into hell. I dont usually say that watching a particular horror movie should come with a warning but for the Guinea Pig movie “Mermaid in a Manhole” i have to say…


– James J. Coker


HIDDEN HORROR – Necrophobia

necrophobiaNow if your looking for a horror film that is so damn obscure or as we like to call it “Hidden” that most horror fans havent even heard of it and so damn “hidden” that there is hardly any talk or reviews of it on the internet! then Ive got one for you dear Horrorfiends, a very dark, depressing and damn macabre piece of 90s horror cinema that comes from the Netherlands, a 60 minute horror film called “Necrophobia”

Necrophobia is about a simple man named Mark who sadly loses his beautiful loving wife in a heartbraking and particularly nasty roadside accident. At the funeral he notices two women arguing and ends up meeting one of the mysterious women named Colette who happens to be a widow herself and like Mark traumatized and deeply hurt by her loss. They soon try to begin a new love with each other but it is filled with more death, and a “love of the dead”.

necrophobia6Now despite Necrophobia’s short running time it still packs quite a wallop for Horror fans and those wanting something depressing. The characters, story and photography are all engaging and the scenes of horror are both macabre as hell but also quite fun with eerie blue lighting, hanging rattling chains, rotting corpses strewn about, a mysterious woman having sex with those corpses! and a few gory murders including some good chainsaw scenes in there, you can tell that they made the film with a passion for horror cinema.


necrophobia4But not only is the horror scenes great and the story and characters engaging, Necrophobia’s main horror is from the terrors of the loss of a loved one and the torment of Grief, we are treated to the torment Mark is going through philosophical dialogue to the point that the grief feels very real. And finally the ending to this rare gem is one hell of a grim and and depressing ending.



So if you want a fun but depressing horror film made by people with a clear love of the genre while boasting to all your other horror loving friends about how incredibly unknown it is, seek out “Necrophobia” if you can………okay so I found the film on Youtube, thanks to youtuber “DEVILMAN66631” check this rare gem out below if youve got the time. – James J. Coker

HIDDEN HORROR-Cannibal Holocaust

MV5BMTUzNDc5Nzg3NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjI1OTgzMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_“Cannibal Holocaust” is a 1980 cannibal film directed by Italian filmmaker Ruggero Deodato. The movie has an infamous reputation and is one of the most controversial movies of all time. Many countries banned the film upon release and in some countries it remains banned to this day. However it is a film that was very much ahead of its time and has a place in horror history as one of the first found footage films.

A group of documentary filmmakers go to the Amazon to shoot a film about the area’s local cannibal tribes. However the group goes missing. Harold Monroe, a New York University professor, goes to the Amazon to find the missing crew. He returns home with their footage and learns about the gruesome events that happened to the crew.

Horror fans know about this film but the general public is not aware of it, and to be fair it is not a film for everyone. Even some horror fans have a hard time making it through this one as it is very hardcore and brutal. It is so intense that it was believed to be a snuff film and Deodato had to go to court to prove the actors were still alive. Also, I have make a note of this: Seven animals were killed in the making of the film and six of the kills were featured on screen. However on the DVD there is an option where you can watch the film without the animal violence.

A very controversial film but one that was ahead of its time and worth a watch. Deodato does not get the credit he deserves. Without “Cannibal Holocaust” there probably would be no “The Blair Witch Project” “Paranormal Activity,” or “Cloverfield.” If you looking for a brutal, shocking film that is extremely realistic than this one is for you.

-Dakota Bailey


poster-sabbath“Black Sabbath,” also known as “The Three Faces of Fear,” is a 1963 Italian film directed by the legendary Mario Bava and staring the legendary Boris Karloff. Without a doubt it’s one of the best horror films out there and one that is sadly unknown to the general movie going public. It’s an anthology film consisting of three segments. Here is something you need to keep in mind if you plan on watching the film: There are two cuts of the film, an American one and an Italian one. Both cuts present the segments in a different chronological order. For this entry I will disuse how they are presented in the American version.

The first tale is about a woman who comes to an elderly woman’s house after she has died. The woman sees a ring on the elderly woman’s corpse and takes it. However she pays a price for her theft. The second tale is about a woman who begins receiving strange phone calls from an unknown caller. The final tale stars Boris Karloff as a hobo-like vampire who is intent on turning his whole family into vampires.

A great, beautifully made atmospheric film that serves as the essence of Mario Bava’s style. All the segments have a creepy, artsy vibe especially the first one. This one is a must see. You will not regret watching it.

-Dakota Bailey

HIDDEN HORROR-Who Can Kill a Child?

who-can-kill“Who Can Kill a Child?” is a Spanish horror film from 1976 directed by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador. It’s a relatively unknown horror film but one that I recommend to any horror fans. Despite its age it still has the ability to disturb viewers. Much like “Village of the Damned” and “Children of the Corn” this film revolves around creepy children. However this one is much more disturbing and one that you won’t soon forget after a viewing.

The plot revolves around a couple named Tom and Evelyn who take a vacation to an island. When they arrive the only inhabits they find are weird children who say nothing. As Tom and Evelyn explore the island to find out what is happening they realize the children are violent killers and have killed all the adults on the island. The two then must defend themselves against the children or they will be killed.

Overall this is an intelligent, serious, disturbing and well-acted horror film. It’s a slow burn but as it progresses it perfectly builds up dread and tension. In addition the abandoned island makes for a really creepy setting. If you are looking for an unknown, out of the box horror film then you should definitely watch “Who Can Kill a Child?”

-Dakota Bailey