waugh and coker plugged in!Hey there horrorfiends! here is the new episode of Waugh and Coker where doug and I discuss the Stephen King classic CUJO and have a scary dog attack flashback scene ourselves!


Third episode of Waugh and Coker is here!

hey there Horrorfiends! there third episode of Waugh and Cokers Plugged in is here, and this time we review the underappreciated and little known troma movie DEAD DUDES IN THE HOUSE and then get killed ourselves…enjoy!


Screenshot_2015-05-06-15-06-35-2Hey there Horror fiends, James J. Coker here sharing with you the very first episode of a horror movie and Horror videogame review and Parody series by Doug Waugh and Yours truly, the show “WAUGH AND COKER PLUGGED IN” and in this very first episode we play,review and parody the infamous Friday the 13th Nintendo game. so give it a watch and please subscribe to the channel.

The next episode will be about the Troma distributed Evil Dead in a house with a killer granny film DEAD DUDES IN THE HOUSE

HIDDEN HORRORS YOU MUST HEAR ! the very first Hidden Horrors podcast

11200819_679325005529699_94293480074322722_nHello Horror Fiends, James J. Coker here letting you all know this is the very first podcast for the hidden horrors you must see blog. Sterling Anno and mysefl discuss a wide range of topics within the horror genre including what makes a horror movie a “Hidden Gem”. Two hidden horror films that we both love to death one being a super scary Japanese found footage film and the other being a batshit crazy Bigfoot film. Two other films we both find very underrated and cant understand why fans shit all over them. Then we spew nothing but love for a little indie film called IT FOLLOWS and finish it off with some new horror directors who we have started to follow there work and the Horror films coming out here most excited for. So have the time fly by with Sterling “the SporkGuy” and myself talking passionately about the Hidden Gems we love. Link down below. you can either listen or Download by clicking the downward pointing arrow icon on the corner of the link.