New TV Terrors about Joe Pesci….

New episode of TV Terrors dear Horror fiends!

This time about the wonderful season 4 episode of Tales from the Crypt starring Joe Pesci getting a chainsaw to the dick!..



HIDDEN HORROR – Necrophobia

necrophobiaNow if your looking for a horror film that is so damn obscure or as we like to call it “Hidden” that most horror fans havent even heard of it and so damn “hidden” that there is hardly any talk or reviews of it on the internet! then Ive got one for you dear Horrorfiends, a very dark, depressing and damn macabre piece of 90s horror cinema that comes from the Netherlands, a 60 minute horror film called “Necrophobia”

Necrophobia is about a simple man named Mark who sadly loses his beautiful loving wife in a heartbraking and particularly nasty roadside accident. At the funeral he notices two women arguing and ends up meeting one of the mysterious women named Colette who happens to be a widow herself and like Mark traumatized and deeply hurt by her loss. They soon try to begin a new love with each other but it is filled with more death, and a “love of the dead”.

necrophobia6Now despite Necrophobia’s short running time it still packs quite a wallop for Horror fans and those wanting something depressing. The characters, story and photography are all engaging and the scenes of horror are both macabre as hell but also quite fun with eerie blue lighting, hanging rattling chains, rotting corpses strewn about, a mysterious woman having sex with those corpses! and a few gory murders including some good chainsaw scenes in there, you can tell that they made the film with a passion for horror cinema.


necrophobia4But not only is the horror scenes great and the story and characters engaging, Necrophobia’s main horror is from the terrors of the loss of a loved one and the torment of Grief, we are treated to the torment Mark is going through philosophical dialogue to the point that the grief feels very real. And finally the ending to this rare gem is one hell of a grim and and depressing ending.



So if you want a fun but depressing horror film made by people with a clear love of the genre while boasting to all your other horror loving friends about how incredibly unknown it is, seek out “Necrophobia” if you can………okay so I found the film on Youtube, thanks to youtuber “DEVILMAN66631” check this rare gem out below if youve got the time. – James J. Coker


Split PersonalitySince were so close to Valentines Day horrorfiends I decided to share with you all a particular favorite episode of the Crypt that indeed involves love..the Love between a man and a woman…well in this case the love between a con-artist and twins. A love that is then split…with a CHAINSAW! this little season 4 tale of the Crypt is called “Split Personality”.

A swindler named Jack (Joe Pesci) who loves money and Twins meets two rich twins who take an interest in him. Jack romances both of them but then tricks them into thinking he has a twin brother himself who is constantly gone away on business trips, he then uses that lie to marry both of them and get there money but little does he know that these rich twins arent as innocent as he thinks they are and they find out his little secret too.

Now “Split Personality” is one hell of an enjoyable episode of the Crypt. Joe Pesci is as always wonderful to watch as the swindler Jack and even a little hammy at times especially when he is actually seen singing to the awesomely bad 90s song “im so Sexy”. The Twins do a terrific job playing innocent naive shut ins only to have a very dark side at the very end. The whole episode is peppered with great crooner music from Dean Martin, Perry Como and Marvin Gaye throughout that just adds to the con-artist in love atmosphere. And finally the ending of this episode is the shinning star of the whole thing, the ending turns from a con-artist story into a full blown 80’s style horror story with 80s style green and pink lighting, our Poor Jack tied to a bed and our twins wearing sexy white lingerie and using a high powered Chainsaw to end up “sharing” our main character in a gruesome way the twins really prefer. And believe me the spot were they start to use that chainsaw on our poor Jack is enough to make any male viewer cringe in agony.

So if your looking to venture into the 4th season of the Crypt and want a fun episode with enjoyable characters, good music and a “Killer” cringe inducing ending then dont hesitate to watch “Split Personality”. – James J. Coker



39 Television Terror.avi_000030263If there is just one episode of “Tales from the Crypt” you need to watch for your Halloween season viewing pleasure make sure, for the love of God, that it is the scariest and best episode of the entire show (I know, bold statement) the season 2 episode Television Terror.

A TV shock journalist goes into a haunted house for his show. This house has a history. It was once owned by a woman who killed her tenants and collected their insurance money.

To completely exaggerate this episode…HOLY SHIT! Is this a great episode, and believe me once you watch it you’ll probably say the same thing. Hell I might even say it is the best episode of the show as well as the scariest. Right off the bat it establishes the creep factor by showing the house accompanied with a very creepy score, practically a scary tune played on a out of tune piano. It also has a creepy atmosphere throughout and several gory moments and a crazy ending you don’t really expect in a haunted house. Also the TV shock journalist played by the late “great” 1980’s TV shock Journalist Morton Downey Jr. plays his role perfectly. Well he’s practically playing himself in it. So if you ever think to yourself “God ‘Tales from the Crypt’ is awesome but there are no episodes that are scary” then sit down, turn on the episode Television Terror and prove yourself wrong.

-James J. Coker


TERROR TV – Tales from the Crypt – House of Horrors


Probably the best episode from Season 5 of “Tales from the Crypt.” House of Horrors is about three fraternity pledges who are challenged to enter an old mansion that is allegedly haunted by the ghost of an axe murderer. What’s so likable about this episode is it’s incredibly spooky atmosphere combined with gore and a twist ending that is so “Tales from the Crypt.” However the best part is Kevin Dillon who steals the show as the Pledge Master. He is incredibly obnoxious and an effective Asshole. Don’t worry its “Tales from the Crypt.” He gets his just reward at the end hehehehehehe

-James J. Coker

HIDDEN HORROR – Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2


Before I talk about the best of the Chainsaw sequels I just want to say that yes, this counts as a Hidden Horror because most non-horror loving normal people don’t even know there are sequels to the original film…yeah…so anyway back to the film….

WARNING! To all those who love the original 1974 masterpiece but have never seen this one, the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 are completely different animals in terms of tone. The original film is grizzly, in your face and unrelentingly horrifying and Part 2 is an over-the-top dark comedy with over-the-top gore and set pieces.

Part 2 is where the Chainsaw family has moved to Dallas and lives under an abandoned amusement park in a creepy lair filled with christmas lights, skeletons and human meat hanging around. They make a profitable business running a food truck selling chili with their own special “meat.” When a disc jockey listens to the Chainsaw family hack up a couple of annoying yuppie callers on the air she enlists the help of a batshit crazy lawman (played by the wonderful late Dennis Hopper) who’s been tracking down the crazed family for years. She plays the tape on the radio and the crazed family then hunt her down.

What’s so good about this sequels is that it’s completely different in tone from the original and is very much a product of its time. Where as the original is a product of the 70’s the sequels is very much a product of the 80s.  C’mon the poster is a spoof of “The Breakfast Club” for gods sake. Example: In the original Leatherface is killing hippies, in the 80’s sequel he’s killing annoying Yuppies. Where the original doesn’t show a whole lot of blood ttheres some good scenes of over the top Tom Savini Splatter effects in the 80‘s sequel. The film can also be seen as a comically dark comedy about the 1980’s Reagan era society and American entrepreneurship.

If you love the Chainsaw Franchise but have never seen this wonderful sequel (shame on you if you haven’t. GET ON IT!) give this one a definite chance. I strongly urge that you be aware this is a completely different movie in terms of tone and everything else from the original. if you have that in mind then you’ll hopefully have a blast with “Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2”

-James J. Coker