and this time I review and spew ALOT of love for Richard Stanley’s Post-apocalyptic Killer Robot movie… HARDWARE !


Yet ANOTHER TV Terrors Episode everyone!!!

Yes Dear HorrorFiends! The very first review of an Are You Afraid of the Dark Episode…and NO! it is not that damn clown episode.

New Episode of TV TERRORS!

Its been awhile for TV Terrors but here is a brand new episode! and yes it is another Tales from the Crypt review. This time the funniest episode of the crypt..the season 5 episode “Death of Some Salesmen” starring TIM CURRY! in three roles!





Happy Mothers Day Dear Horrorfiends! and for this holiday i have decided to instead of suggesting the horror classic “Mothers Day”(1980) to watch which lets face it all the other horror sites are suggesting. I say instead check out this other killer mother film that goes completely under the radar even on the other horror sites, that is 1991’s MOM

from IMDB: During a time when the city of Los Angeles is terrorized by animal attack style murders, a kindly elderly lady provides a nomad with room and board. It turns out that he is a flesh-eating creature and is responsible for the recent killings. He bites the elderly woman, turning her into the same kind of flesh-eater. Now her adult son must try to prevent the both of them from doing any more harm

Now right from the beginning in which we see the original flesh eater (played by the late Brion James) attack and killer a young woman, we think that the rest of the film will be a fun monster movie, but instead the movie takes a slight left turn and the film is much more about a son just trying to keep his elderly mother from eating people. The movie did surprise me when they kill off the original flesh eater rather quickly into the movie. But the strength of the film is the relationship between the son and the now flesh-eating mother. The son truly cares for his mother and tries everything he can to make sure that she doesnt go out and kill anyone else, but sadly the constant care for his mother takes its toll on his personal life and even sadder is he doesnt succeed in keeping her at bay and her cravings turn stronger and stronger.

In a way the film is practically a drug abuse drama with a supernatural and somewhat gory twist. When the flesh-eaters attack there form changes into some cool makeup-fx for the time and the gore is actually rather small but still effective.

So if you want a rather slow-burn killer mom film this Mothers Day and want something really really obscure then check out “MOM” I believe the film is out in its entirety online but sadly never made it to dvd or Blu-ray    – James J. Coker


Cryptkeeper loves BootyThe day is finally here horror fiends! ITS HALLOWEEN !!!! the greatest of all holidays..well at least for horror fans. So for this Halloween post instead of a obscure Halloween movie to share with you all I will instead treat you to a very special, and pretty obscure little nugget of Tales from the Crypt goodness for you. A nugget so awesome and incredibly cheesy it will make a good Halloween treat…that is the rare Tales from the Crypt music video THE CRYPT JAM!

Back in the early 90s on Halloween, I believe it was Halloween 1992 or Halloween 1993, HBO would air a Tales from the Crypt marathon for Halloween night and my father would record them on VHS tape. Well during the marathon between a number of the episodes they were airing it would show a Tales from the Crypt music video called “the Crypt Jam” this music video was very much in the style of the “house Party” or cheesy party hip hop of the early 90s…but with the CryptKeeper !

Believe me horror fiends! i loved seeing this amazing piece of 90s horror goodness as a kid and to this day I still love it. We are treated to a silhouette of the cryptkeeper, back up dancers, zombie dancers, party goers dancing in the Cryptkeepers crypt on a dance floor with the Cryptkeeper (the guy has alot of surprises in his crypt) The Cryptkeeper in a variety of early 90s hip hop outfits, severed foots and skulls dancing, a variety of clips from all the monstrous scenes from the episodes between season 1 to season 4 and finally my personal favorite scene from this gold nugget… The Cryptkeeper singing and checking out on of the back up dancers ass in close up…. so now you know the Cryptkeeper is an ass man.

So happy Halloween my dear horror fiends, may your night be filled with costume dreams, candy delights and pumpkin spirits and enjoy this little golden cheese nugget from the Cryptkeeper for your Halloween – James J. Coker

P.S. i took the liberty of uploading the original early 90s version of the crypt Jam and NOT the edited season 3 dvd release that only shows clips from the third season, enjoy down below.



therunestoneA Norse Werewolf in America would have been an acceptable name for this 1991 creature-feature, but it may have attracted a completely different crowd, and wouldn’t have that mysterious and curiosity-generating aura that The Runestone provides.

Most Hidden Horrors readers may have never heard of it because it never made it past the VHS format. The Runestone is currently stuck in DVD limbo, along with The Keep, Grim Prairie Tales and I Was a Teenage Werewolf.

When an ancient Norse stone is excavated, it is shipped to New York for closer examination. When one of the archeologists becomes possessed by the stone’s power, he transforms into a Norse werewolf, a nocturnal killing machine that leaves a wake of bodies nightly.

runestone1Apart from the creature effects, gore, and over-the-top violence, which are arguably some of the best special effects put to film in the early nineties, The Runestone has a well paced script with some quirky dialogue and a farcical look at art culture.

The film also features a supporting role by the late, great William Hickey as the crazy old occultist and Norse mythology expert.

If you stumble upon a VHS copy of The Runestone at a flea market, garage sale or thrift store, claw it up, as it makes a great addition to your over-grown collection of werewolf films, and is a great inclusion to your Halloween viewing.


~ Matthew Cthulhu McPhee


HIDDEN HORROR – Shadow Builder

ShadowBuilderThe late 90s had some horror offerings worth mentioning, though the market was filled with scream knockoffs there were a few that stood out but are hardly mentioned nowadays in horror circles, Idol Hands, House on Haunted Hill remake, Sleepy Hollow, Night Flier, Kolobos and Deep Blue Sea. But there was another horror film in that time frame that is never mentioned even to those who vividly remember late 90s horror films. That is the film SHADOWBUILDER. The fun and special effects driven demon film starring Michael Rooker as a I shit you not gun toting catholic priest.

from IMDB: An evil Archbishop of the Catholic Church summons a demon to try and destroy the world. The summoners are killed, but the demon escapes to hunt down its needed victim. The victim soon turns out to be a child that has the potential to become a saint. After ravaging the town and turning its citizens upon themselves, the demon soon locates and captures his prey

Now this film is actually quite fun and Michael Rooker does a good job in every scene he is in. Its both surprising and fun seeing the man play a priest pulling out guns and shooting evil priests and shadow demons. Not only that but the film also has a X-files look to it all and once the shadowbuilder has the whole town gone crazy is when the fun really begins and the Shadowbuilder demon himself acts almost like a comic book villain with many “you will achieve this and you will not stop me” sort of lines. The only thing that might turn viewers off is the film is filled with CGI special Effects that look very dated but hey this film came out in 1998 you have to be a little forgiving for it, Especially with the special effects explosion of a ending.

So if you want a very forgotten 90s horror film about demons and Michael Rooker. Seek out Shadowbuilder, if you can – James J. Coker