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This time about a little known but batshit wonderful Mexican horror movie from the 70s.

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First episode of Youtube Series…

Here it is Dear HorrorFiends! the first episode of the new youtube series for Hidden Horrors!


o_a-cold-night-s-death-1973-rare-tv-horror-dvd-87d6Hey there horrorfiends! and welcome to the very first hidden horror for the christmas season. I know we covered almost all christmas horror movies the previous two Christmas season so this season we are instead going to throw in more “snowbound” horror movies. And so the first of our snowbound horror movie reviews for the christmas season is the 1973 made for tv Paranoia chiller “A cold nights death” starring Eli Wallach and Robert Culp

from IMDB: Scientists Robert Jones and Frank Enari are dispatched to the Tower Mountain Research Station to replace a colleague, Dr. Vogel.For the past five days, due to a severe snow storm, Dr. Vogel failed to communicate with the base. His last communications with the base betrayed a confused, anxious and delirious man. Concerned about Dr. Vogel’s safety and state of mind, the base sends the two replacement scientists to the summit research station via helicopter.The replacement researchers bring along a chimpanzee for the cold weather tests. When they arrive at the summit research station, the two replacement scientists find a ransacked station and Dr. Vogel frozen to death. Soon the two scientists suspect that someone other then there research primates is inhabiting there polar station.

A cold Nights Death is a slow-burn character driven movie. The majority of the film focuses on the two scientists slowly going at each others throats over strange happenings in the research station. The way the station is shot, the snowbound location and the sense of paranoia between the two characters just cannot make the viewer help but think about John Carpenter’s the Thing, even though this made for tv movie came out 9 years before the John Carpenter masterpiece.

Now the ending is what can make or break the movie for many viewers. I for one thought the ending was pretty creepy and very “twilight zone esque” in a very very subtle way. So if you want a slow-burn character driven snowbound movie from quite awhile ago with a neat ending. Seek out this little made for TV movie for your wintertime. – James J. Coker


HIDDEN HORROR FOR HALLOWEEN – The Mummy’s Revenge AKA La Venganza de la Momia

11 MummysRevengeWanting to throw some old school monsters into our Halloween reviews i decided to track down and watch a spanish made Mummy movie from the early 70s called “the Mummy’s Revenge” which stars the Spanish horror Legend Paul Naschy. I have heard over the years that this film is the goriest mummy movie ever made and…yeah there right. It is probably the ONLY gory Mummy movie out there.

from IMDB : Paul Naschy has a duel role as Amenhotep/Assad Bey, an ancient egyptian mummified Pharaoh, and the high priest who brought him back to life. In order For Amenhotep to achieve immortality, Assad Bey has to kidnap nubile young virgins in Victorian London for blood sacrifices.

Now this is one hell of a hokey yet ridiculous and yet wholly enjoyable Mummy movie. Paul Naschy offcourse rocks it as both the Mummy and the man who brings the mummy to live, he does a good job in both roles simultaneously. The dialogue and pacing at times can be a little slow but the Mummy himself and the death scenes are what make up for it.

Now the Mummy is both funny and fucked up in this film. It is funny because it is a Spanish made movie so the Egyptian mummy is speaking spanish while there in London! but this mummy is not your run of the mill slow shambling and just choke people kind of a mummy. This mummy acts more like a diabolical villain mixed with that of a slasher! he talks, he walks upright and he hardly ever kills his victims by choking them. Instead he slashes there throats with daggers, crushes there hands with his bare hands, stabs them with multiple different objects but the most grueling scene in the whole movie involves the mummys servent offering the mummy several young womens corpses on slabs, The mummy is displeased with this so “I SHIT YOU NOT” goes to each one of the womens corpses and crushes each there heads into a bloody pink pulp with one swing of his fist one after another! This was one of those rare scenes that had me have to rewind and watch again going “whoa what the fuck!” and one other batshit crazy scene involves a young woman becoming mummified out of nowhere because ” I SHIT YOU NOT AGAIN” …she has sex with the mummy! yep…Mummy STD’s everyone!

so if you want to give the forgotten monster of the horror genre (Mummies) a chance this Halloween season but want a mummy movie that is little insane then seek out This oddity from Spain, its a doozy – James J. Coker

HIDDEN HORROR FOR HALLOWEEN – the Hunchback of the Morgue

hunchback_of_morgue_poster_01IT IS FINALLY HERE HORRORFIENDS! OCTOBER IS HERE and the official start of the Halloween season! and what better way to start off the season then to share with you my dear horrorfiends a gothic and gory spanish movie from the 1970s starring the Spanish vincent price…PAUL NASCHY. Now this little gothic gruefest is THE HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE

from imdb: Paul Naschy plays a hunchback with below average intelligence who works at the morgue. He is in love with a sickly girl who happens to be the only person who is kind to him. Each day he brings her flowers until the day she dies. He never really accepts her death and believes she is just sleeping. The girl eventually ends up at the morgue where she is being prepared for burial. The Hunchback flips into a rage at the desecration of the girls body and stabs and decapitates the men. The police begin to look for him. This is when the Hunchback meets up with a mad scientist who’s work isn’t accepted by the general society. The scientist promises the Hunchback that he would re-animate the girl’s body if the Hunchback brings him fresh bodyparts from the graveyard and live victims. He uses the parts to create a monster in his Dungeon laboratory.

Now i know many horror fans are big fans of Italian horror cinema with the muddy look of there monsters, surreal setpieces and extreme gore. But what if I were to tell you that Spain was cranking out incredibly gothic and incredibly gory horror films before Italy was..shocked right. Believe me i was too when i discovered this lost and soon discovered Spainiard horror films of the 1970s. They are filled with Gothic atmosphere, naked girls and extreme gorey death scenes that rival the gore of Italy. And all of that rings true with HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE!

The think the best way to describe this film is imagine the gothic atmosphere of a Hammer horror film combined with the charming hokeyness of universal monsters and the extreme gore of early 80s Italian horror films. Its as if the filmmakers took everything they love and throw it in and damn does it show. The film is filled with a sympathetic character in the hunchback, hokey dialogue, a depressing romantic subplot, graverobbing by foggy moonlight, old dungeons and torture chambers filled with bats and rats, A frankenstein like mad scientist using body parts to create some hideous monster that grows in a jar with body horror style special effects that are reminiscent of early Cronenberg films and plenty of gory death scenes which include decapitations, eviscerations with guts falling out, faces melted off with Acid, bloody death by iron maiden and faces being eaten by rats and those rats being set on fire by the hunchback ( you can tell they really did set the rats on fire on set) and finally a Monster created by the mad scientist that constantly screams in pain and looks like a two legged walking piece of slime.

Seriously if you are the slightest fan of the Italian horror films of Argento or Fulci or even the gothic horror films from British studio HAMMER, then start of this Halloween season right and seek out THE HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE. It is a gothic n gruesome entertaining good time – James J. Coker



Beyond the Darkness Buio Omega 1979 Beyond Horror Design
The world of Italian horror is vast and full of gems that are extremely unknown. Joe D’Amato (Anthropogus) is an Italian filmmaker known for his sleazy films. He has made all kinds of films ranging from exploitation to porn. “Beyond the Darkness” is one of his films that really pushes the envelope. The film also serves as a definition of what his films are: sleazy, violent and disgusting. “Beyond the  Darkness” was, and is still banned by some countries today. It serves as the perfect extreme Italian horror film to watch around Halloween that is loaded with gore. .
   The film tells the story of a rich young man named Frank Wyler. He is an expert taxidermist and he lives in a huge mansion in the Italian countryside with his insane housekeeper named Iris. Frank loves his bride to be, but she falls ill and dies. After her funeral is over, Frank returns to the cemetery later that night and digs up her corpse and brings it back to his mansion. He then uses his taxidermy skills to preserve his deceased lover. However, Frank begins turning crazier as the film progresses and he begins to murder women that he meets or meddle in his affairs. With the help of his demented housekeeper Iris, he disposes of the bodies by incineration and melting some of his victims in a bathtub of acid!
   This movie is over the top and insane, and that is what you would expect from a film that Joe D’Amato made. The special effects are very realistic, and if you do not like gore or gross horror films, do not watch this one, because the gross factor is what this film’s appeal is. Some of the grossest parts in this film include a very graphic and detailed human dissection, melting victims in acid baths and incarnating victims alive and more. So if you are a fan of Lucio Fulci, extreme horror or hardcore gore, this film is right up your alley.
   Another great factor is that the progressive Italian rock band called ”Goblin” did a great soundtrack for this movie that is really funky and just helps the demeted vibe of this film. ”Goblin” are most famous for scoring the legendary Dario Argento Italian horror film ”Suspiria”. When ”Goblin” comes to mind, their score for ”Suspiria” is what everyone instantly thinks of, but they did provide the soundtrack for more then one movie.
  If you are into Italian horror but are tired of Dario Argento or Lucio Fulci, then this film (along with House with the Laughing Windows) is a good film to see that is very fresh. This film will obviously appeal more to the Fulci fan then the Argento fan, but even if you’re an Argento fan, you should still give it a shot. So this Halloween, if you want a film that is more disgusting then mainstream horror movies, you must watch this. This film also serves as a great introduction to Joe D’Amato’s filmography as well.
                                                         -Dakota Bailey


night galleryRod Serling’s “Night Gallery” featured many interesting episodes.A few were based on the tales of H.P Lovecraft. For this entry I’ll be taking a look at one of the Lovecraft adaptions called “Pickman’s Model”.

The episode tells the story of Lovelorn Mavis Goldsmith, an aspiring artist. She is taking art classes given by a mysterious man. The teacher tells his students to paint what they see and he paints portraits of a grotesque werewolf like beast. He then gets fired for his unusual way of painting and Lovelorn decides to pursue him even though he tells her not to. She then goes to his house to return a pairing of his he left behind…Only to be in for an ugly surprise.
While all “Night Gallery” episodes are great, there are a few factors about this one that make it raise above the average episode. First is they take an H.P. Lovecraft tale and turn it into a= half an hour episode but sill make an excellent Lovecraft adaption. Lovecraft tales are always pretty complex and they still manage to pull of a decent adaption in a short amount of time. Second, the creature in this episode is pretty ugly and is very realistic for the 70’s. I would say that the creature is pretty similar to the demon in “Curse of the Demon”.
So this Halloween, if you decide to watch an episode of ” Night Gallery”, and are overwhelmed by all the episodes to choose from, choose this one. It is a great one to watch, especially for the Lovecraft fan who wants to see a great adaption of one of his tales. This episode, (along with The Return of the Sorcerer) is a great episode to watch if you are new to ”Night Gallery”.
                                                   – Dakota Bailey