ATTENTION HORRORFIENDS! New Episode of Hidden Horrors to get your “Space Horror” fix this weekend.

in honor of Alien Covenant out this weekend, Here is a NEW episode of Hidden Horrors where Yours Truly sheds some light on a little known Nightmarish Space Horror from the early 80s.
Watch and enjoy
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FINALLY! A new episode is here

Hey there Horrorfiends! James J. Coker here with the long awaited new episode of Hidden Horrors.

This time about a little known but batshit wonderful Mexican horror movie from the 70s.

Enjoy and dont forget to subscribe


New episode of hidden Horrors you must hear! episode 6…favorites of 2016

Hey there Horrorfiends! instead of the usual episode, this time it is going to be episode 6 of the Hidden Horrors you must HEAR podcast with Sterling Anno and yours truly with pictures.
In this episode We discuss our top 13 favorite horror films of 2016 with LOTS of obscure ones and batshit crazy horror films you probably didnt hear about last year.
we also discuss the 2016 horror films that disappointed us, the 2017 horror movies we are looking forward to and finally show some much needed love and fond memories of the horror website Dreadcentral.
so hit play, listen and have fun with the first video upload of the Hidden Horrors you must hear podcast!


Merry Christmas HorrorFiends! a new Yuletide Episode of TV Terrors is here!

MERRY CHRISTMAS HORRORFIENDS!!! though new posts have been going more towards the youtube page and the facebook page (Check those out)

A new yuletide episode of “TV TERRORS” is here and this time instead of talking about another killer santa thing, instead here I talk about a Christmas Monster that terrorizes a family on Christmas eve…and no its not Krampus either…its the Tales from the Darkside episode “Seasons of Belief” featuring….THE GRITHER!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays Horrorfiends!