ATTENTION HORRORFIENDS! New Episode of Hidden Horrors to get your “Space Horror” fix this weekend.

in honor of Alien Covenant out this weekend, Here is a NEW episode of Hidden Horrors where Yours Truly sheds some light on a little known Nightmarish Space Horror from the early 80s.
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FINALLY! A new episode is here

Hey there Horrorfiends! James J. Coker here with the long awaited new episode of Hidden Horrors.

This time about a little known but batshit wonderful Mexican horror movie from the 70s.

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New episode of hidden Horrors you must hear! episode 6…favorites of 2016

Hey there Horrorfiends! instead of the usual episode, this time it is going to be episode 6 of the Hidden Horrors you must HEAR podcast with Sterling Anno and yours truly with pictures.
In this episode We discuss our top 13 favorite horror films of 2016 with LOTS of obscure ones and batshit crazy horror films you probably didnt hear about last year.
we also discuss the 2016 horror films that disappointed us, the 2017 horror movies we are looking forward to and finally show some much needed love and fond memories of the horror website Dreadcentral.
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HALLOWEEN HORRORS!!! – Chiller Network’s Dare 2 Direct film contests 2007/2008

ITS HERE HORRORFIENDS! The Halloween season is upon us! and if you havent already read Matthews review of the cheesetastic lost Canadian slasher film “Massacre up North” Then check out the first episode of the Halloween oriented Hidden Horrors you must See videos “HALLOWEEN HORRORS”

In this first episode, Yours Truly presents a VHS recorded cut of Chiller Networks Halloween specials…There Dare 2 Direct Film Contests both 2007 and 2008. – James J. Coker



There’s not much to say about Paul Stoichevesk’s 2001 shot-on-video opus Massacre Up North, except for it’s the best worst movie ever made. It’s a haphazard deconstruction of the slasher genre, as if Ed Wood himself wrote and directed Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon as an objective narrative.

After young Leslie Rejick is disfigured in an accident during a family outing, he seeks vengeance against those who mistreat him for his appearance. And what starts off as a slasher-revenge film, quickly tailspins into several other genres, such as torture porn and a police procedural.


There’s no real reasoning behind most of adult Leslie’s (portrayed by Stoichevesk) selection and murders, but he utilizes the hardware store he works at as his armory, as well as an arsenal of homemade weapons from the middle ages.

There are certainly some laugh-out-loud moments that are intended for shocks and scares, but the execution is amateur at best. The acting is clumsy and the cinematography is all but present. One merit is that Stoichevesk does not skimp on the gore. Massacre Up North may not be a well-made film, but it’s sure as hell entertaining.

Lost in the annals of VHS format for 15 years, I was lucky enough to score a copying when big chain video stores were selling off their stock before closing up for good. But thanks to Shivers Entertainment, Canada’s newest independent distribution company, Massacre Up North has been rereleased on DVD and limited VHS editions.

~ Matthew McPhee

HIDDEN HORROR – Rogue (2007)

RogueAustralia is a land of beautiful and vast territories…and many of the deadliest animals on the planet like the Saltwater Crocodile. In 2007 Australian genre director Greg Mclean the man responsible for the Wolf Creek franchise gave us arguably one of the best killer croc movies ever…it was ROGUE.

from IMDB: An idyllic wildlife cruise disintegrates into terror when a party of tourists are stalked by a massive man-eating crocodile. Pete McKell, a cynical American travel writer, joins a disparate group of holiday-makers on a river cruise through the waters of Kakadu National Park. Initially Pete clashes with their tour captain, Kate, a feisty young woman who assumes he is just another ‘city-slicker’ in search of a quick thrill. After an uneventful day cruising the river, Kate is reluctantly persuaded to steer their boat into unexplored territory. They discover a secluded lake but terror strikes when their craft receives a powerful blow from beneath the murky depths and begins to sink. With little choice, she beaches the vessel on the closest dry land -a tiny mud island. With a rising tide and only half an hour of daylight left, fear grips the group as they realize they are trapped in the lair of a huge ‘rogue’ crocodile, governed only by its need to hunt and kill.

Beautiful cinematography and sheer tension abound in this wonderful film. The cinematography of the beautiful northern Australian outbacks and rivers are astonishing and all of the characters in this film are likable and very realistic. you dont want to see any of the tourist get eaten by the big croc when it happens.

The tension in the film is at a high note for almost the whole movie, as soon as the tour boat realizes what there trap with is when the tension just builds and builds in this movie. And when the big Croc shows itself it was frightening! due to the impressive visual FX they had to create a realistic looking yet frightening big Croc.

The tension in this film all boils to a ending involving a final confrontation with the reporter and the big croc that is practically nail biting. seriously I have shown this film to multiple people and they all agree that the big croc in this film is indeed very threatening and the ending is nerve racking. This is a damn well made movie in the Killer Crocodile sub-genre and i would go so far as to say it is the best of them all…even better then Alligator (1980) – James J. Coker