PART 2 of the HIDDEN HORRORS PODCAST Top 13 Horror movies of 2017

Hey there Horrorfiends!┬áPart 2 of Sterling The Spork Guy Anno’s and James J Cokers Hidden Horrors you must Hear podcast the top 13 favorite horror movies of 2017. in Part 2 we discuss our favorite 2017 Horror movies from picks 6-1 then discuss horror movies we missed, honorable mentions and horror movies WE FUCKING HATED!. Give it a listen and dont forget to subscribe



NEW PODCAST EPISODE! HIDDEN HORRORS Top 13 Horror movies of 2017 !

Part 1 of Sterling the Spork Guy and James J Cokers Hidden Horrors Podcast top 13 of 2017 episode. in this episode we discuss how bad of a year 2017 was, discuss horror movies were looking forward to in 2018 and finally share our top 13 favorite horror movies of 2017 picks 13-6 in Part 1. give it a listen and enjoy and dont forget to subscribe.

TV Terror for Christmas – Kazuo Umezu’s THE PRESENT


Happy Holidays Horror Fiends! with all the Killer santa films out there. it can be hard choosing one to watch this yuletide season. So i am here to suggest a offbeat, fun and gruesome Killer santa film…FROM JAPAN. yep…There is a Japanese Killer Santa film out there folks. Watch the vid and dont forget to subscribe.


5 TV Terrors for you Halloween !


so before the big night happens. Here is 5 episodes from Horror anthology shows that are perfect for the Halloween season.

New Episode of TV TERRORS!

Its been awhile for TV Terrors but here is a brand new episode! and yes it is another Tales from the Crypt review. This time the funniest episode of the crypt..the season 5 episode “Death of Some Salesmen” starring TIM CURRY! in three roles!