Being-The-Poster-1So its been a little while since the last review dear horror fiends…I apologize, but the Hidden Horrors crew is planning some new features coming this way so that is one reason its been awhile.

anyway, I would just like to share with you a fun little monster movie from the early 80s that surely gets over-looked by the horror crowd quite often.That film is Jackie Kong’s THE BEING! a fun and very “Small town atmosphere” monster movie.

The plot is extremely reminiscent of 50s horror movies, A cop and a scientist (played by Martin Landau) team up to save their rural town from a boy mutated into a monster by hazardous pollution.

Now dont let the IMDB reviews fool you into thinking this film is trash…its not!…its FUN trash! the characters are lively yet incredibly inept to a entertaining point, the creature which leaves gallons of slime where ever it goes stays in the shadows up until the end except for when it flies out of nowhere into the characters. I am not kidding, certain scenes it looks like the filmmakers just throw a dummy version of the monster into the actors for several shots!

But the three best aspects of this film is the atmosphere which has a very strong very dusty small town in Idaho vibe with a foreboding sense of dread looming in. The look of the monster is a tiny bit nightmarish yet cheesy in a very fun way. And finally a extremely tense yet cute scene involving a adorable little baby girl who during an Easter egg hunt runs into the monster! you think the monster will devour this poor child but luckily she is saved while no one notices the monster and she waves bye-bye to it. It is a strong scene that starts off very tense only to end cutely.

So if you want a fun 1980s monster movie that has “B-Movie” written all over it but in the best of ways. This is a good saturday night with a couple of beers horror movie. Check out THE BEING      – James J. Coker