A “CRYPTEE” gift for Christmas Eve – Twas the Fright before Christmas

MI0001878669Yes dear horrorfiends I know posting this it is not Christmas Eve just yet but hey Christmas eve is going to be very busy for me so im getting this done now. Instead of a usual Christmas horror movie for Christmas Eve i decided to show you all a little Tales from the Crypt nugget from the 90s for Christmas Eve.

Back in 1994 John Kassir voiced the Cryptkeeper for a Tales from the Crypt CHRISTMAS ALBUM!!! yes a Cryptkeeper Christmas album. And since it is the Cryptkeeper you can expect gory and ghoulish “pun” versions of christmas classic like ” we’d wish you’d bury the missus” or “Deck the halls with parts of Charlie” he he he he he

But the best part of the whole album is a Cryptkeeper style rendition of the classic twas the night before Christmas poem but instead this time it is “Twas the FRIGHT before Christmas” in which the Cryptkeeper lays out booby traps for Santa but learns some heartfelt christmas spirit in the process. It is a fun and ghoulish little listen for your christmas eve dear horror fiends and a gift i wanted to share with you all. Give it a little down below

P.S. the Tales from the Crypt Christmas album is LONG OUT OF PRINT and goes quite pricey online.


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