A “CRYPTEE” gift for Christmas Eve – Twas the Fright before Christmas

MI0001878669Yes dear horrorfiends I know posting this it is not Christmas Eve just yet but hey Christmas eve is going to be very busy for me so im getting this done now. Instead of a usual Christmas horror movie for Christmas Eve i decided to show you all a little Tales from the Crypt nugget from the 90s for Christmas Eve.

Back in 1994 John Kassir voiced the Cryptkeeper for a Tales from the Crypt CHRISTMAS ALBUM!!! yes a Cryptkeeper Christmas album. And since it is the Cryptkeeper you can expect gory and ghoulish “pun” versions of christmas classic like ” we’d wish you’d bury the missus” or “Deck the halls with parts of Charlie” he he he he he

But the best part of the whole album is a Cryptkeeper style rendition of the classic twas the night before Christmas poem but instead this time it is “Twas the FRIGHT before Christmas” in which the Cryptkeeper lays out booby traps for Santa but learns some heartfelt christmas spirit in the process. It is a fun and ghoulish little listen for your christmas eve dear horror fiends and a gift i wanted to share with you all. Give it a little down below

P.S. the Tales from the Crypt Christmas album is LONG OUT OF PRINT and goes quite pricey online.


Fourth episode of the Hidden Horrors you must hear podcast…Christmas Horrors you must celebrate

Hidden Horrors you must hear EP4 Christmas Horrors you must celebrate BannerWelcome to the Christmas episode of the Hidden Horrors you must hear Podcast dear Horrorfiends! in this episode both Sterling Anno and James J. Coker get into the yuletide spirit by suggesting and raving about two very very underrated Christmas horror movies and why you should give them another chance this Christmas season, Rant about how overrated the Christmas Horror movie Silent Night Deadly Night really is and how flabbergasted we are on how horror fans seem to love it and finally rave about just how amazing Michael Dougherty’s new Christmas themed horror movie KRAMPUS in theaters right now really is. so get into the Horror filled yuletide season horror fiends and listen! and dont forget to download the episode too.


windchill_1Now another Cold “wintery” horror movie for your Christmas season horror fiends is a little “Chiller” from 2007 that went under the radar, in fact its hardly talked about nowadays and it starred the then unknown Emily Blunt. It was the character driven ghost story WIND CHILL

from IMDB :¬†A couple of college students known only as the Girl and the Guy are traveling home to Delaware the day before Christmas Eve. They’re on a frozen road that the Guy is convinced is a scenic short-cut. In the middle of nowhere in below freezing conditions they are run off the road by a hit and runner. They soon realize they’re caught in a supernatural bubble where a crime from 1953 is doomed to repeat itself, year after year threatening new victims.

Now what took me by surprise with this movie is at first the film is slow and both “the Guy” and “the Girl” are actually a little unlikable but all of that changes once there car is stuck in the snow. From there on out it turns into a character driven, creepy, twilight zone esque survival story. Both characters end up being more likable then they started out to be and you actually care for them towards the end.

Now when the more supernatural aspects happen it is quite the creep fest. The frozen ghoulish looking ghosts (makeup FX courtesy of Todd Masters of Tales from the Crypt fame) are quite the shocker and when the Twilight Zone like aspects happen you begin to question if they are ever going to get away from the horror. But the most dangerous thing in this movie is not the ghosts but the cold. The cold is a constant danger to this characters and what ends up being the real villain of the movie.

Wind Chill is a good character driven haunted house movie that just happens to take place on a snowy road in the winter versus a house. It is a good little “Chiller” to include in your christmas horror movie watch list every season. It is a damn shame this one came and went. – James J. Coker


o_a-cold-night-s-death-1973-rare-tv-horror-dvd-87d6Hey there horrorfiends! and welcome to the very first hidden horror for the christmas season. I know we covered almost all christmas horror movies the previous two Christmas season so this season we are instead going to throw in more “snowbound” horror movies. And so the first of our snowbound horror movie reviews for the christmas season is the 1973 made for tv Paranoia chiller “A cold nights death” starring Eli Wallach and Robert Culp

from IMDB:¬†Scientists Robert Jones and Frank Enari are dispatched to the Tower Mountain Research Station to replace a colleague, Dr. Vogel.For the past five days, due to a severe snow storm, Dr. Vogel failed to communicate with the base. His last communications with the base betrayed a confused, anxious and delirious man. Concerned about Dr. Vogel’s safety and state of mind, the base sends the two replacement scientists to the summit research station via helicopter.The replacement researchers bring along a chimpanzee for the cold weather tests. When they arrive at the summit research station, the two replacement scientists find a ransacked station and Dr. Vogel frozen to death. Soon the two scientists suspect that someone other then there research primates is inhabiting there polar station.

A cold Nights Death is a slow-burn character driven movie. The majority of the film focuses on the two scientists slowly going at each others throats over strange happenings in the research station. The way the station is shot, the snowbound location and the sense of paranoia between the two characters just cannot make the viewer help but think about John Carpenter’s the Thing, even though this made for tv movie came out 9 years before the John Carpenter masterpiece.

Now the ending is what can make or break the movie for many viewers. I for one thought the ending was pretty creepy and very “twilight zone esque” in a very very subtle way. So if you want a slow-burn character driven snowbound movie from quite awhile ago with a neat ending. Seek out this little made for TV movie for your wintertime. – James J. Coker