NOVEMBER SUCKS or why there is a very little amount of reviews in November.

November SucksLets face it horror fans…November just plain sucks. The kick ass Halloween season is over, the Jack o Lanterns start to rot away. all the Halloween decorations across the neighborhoods are slowly put away, Stores jumble all there Halloween merchandise into a messy pile with 50% off signs plastered all over it and the terrible terrible sights and soundsĀ of Christmas start to creep into our lives.

But for many horror fans (myself included) the worst aspect of November is that all the Halloween magic is gone, Sure we gorged ourselves on many many MANY horror movies and candy throughout the whole month of October. But when you watch a horror movie in November vs. October it just feels like something is missing. Sure true horror fans watch horror movies all year long but when we overload ourselves in October, every horror movie is just a little bit more special in October…but when watching one in November. there is just something missing.

Hence why my dear readers why you do not see much reviews on this blog site in the month of November. The sadness of the Halloween season gone combined with just how boring the month can be is just a combo that sucks the horror loving soul out of the Hidden horrors crew and many horror fans alike. If October is the party for the horror crowd….November is the hangover.

November sucks 2

But not all is lost, as many horror fans should know, though November can be a blue month for Horror fans the next month December is the time for Christmas and snowbound horror films galore! Hopefully this December my dear horror fiends will be filled with raving reviews for more Christmas horror movies and even more snowbound horror movies. Just let November be our break month. And surely we shall be back full swing with much yuletide horrors. In time my dear horror fiends – James J. Coker