therunestoneA Norse Werewolf in America would have been an acceptable name for this 1991 creature-feature, but it may have attracted a completely different crowd, and wouldn’t have that mysterious and curiosity-generating aura that The Runestone provides.

Most Hidden Horrors readers may have never heard of it because it never made it past the VHS format. The Runestone is currently stuck in DVD limbo, along with The Keep, Grim Prairie Tales and I Was a Teenage Werewolf.

When an ancient Norse stone is excavated, it is shipped to New York for closer examination. When one of the archeologists becomes possessed by the stone’s power, he transforms into a Norse werewolf, a nocturnal killing machine that leaves a wake of bodies nightly.

runestone1Apart from the creature effects, gore, and over-the-top violence, which are arguably some of the best special effects put to film in the early nineties, The Runestone has a well paced script with some quirky dialogue and a farcical look at art culture.

The film also features a supporting role by the late, great William Hickey as the crazy old occultist and Norse mythology expert.

If you stumble upon a VHS copy of The Runestone at a flea market, garage sale or thrift store, claw it up, as it makes a great addition to your over-grown collection of werewolf films, and is a great inclusion to your Halloween viewing.


~ Matthew Cthulhu McPhee



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