poe Project of EvilI believe one should honor Edgar Allan Poe in some way during the fright season, some read his stories, others listen to audio readings of his stories and some even seek out movies based on his works like i did. After searching for enjoyable Poe movies online i came across a Poe inspired anthology released by Brain Damage films called “POE project of Evil” which is 7 short films from filmmakers from around the world that are adaptations of Poe stories. And this little anthology packed with monsters, gory mayhem and bleak endings.

“the Pit and the Pendulum” is a rather different and modern take on the story. It is in a more futuristic torture chamber you can say and ends with a rather old school and cool looking monster.  “Alone” is one filled with Torture and a man forced to do horrendous acts, fans of the 00’s Torture subgenre might like this one. “Loss of Breath” is a sleazy tale of a porn star who gets tortured by some thugs and involves a graphic Castration scene.

Now the segment based on Murders in the Rue Morgue titled “Morgue Street” is perhaps the most powerful and shocking out of the whole anthology. It’s sleazy and disturbing, filled with flashing colored lighting reminiscent of Dario Argento. But the most shocking and horrific scene in the segment involves a prostitute getting cut up with a straight Razor in cringe inducing fashion and is then followed by a scene that left my jaw drop. I cannot spoil it, I would say seek out this anthology just for the “Morgue Street” segment.

The next Segments, “Tell Tale Heart” is a rather slow and thought provoking take on the tale and set in south east asia. “The System of Dr. Tar and Prof. Feather” is a powerful, gruesome and artsy one with some genuine gruesome moments and a stylistic feel to it and the final segment ‘the Premature Burial” has a nice twist at the ending that makes a good twist to the classic Poe story.

All in all this is a well put together Anthology film celebrating Edgar Allan Poe but all in different ways from different filmmakers. If you love indie horror, gruesome horror and the works of the great Mr. Poe then seek out this very obscure anthology. It is a great “Poe Movie” for you Halloween season – James J. Coker


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