HIDDEN HORROR FOR HALLOWEEN – The Mummy’s Revenge AKA La Venganza de la Momia

11 MummysRevengeWanting to throw some old school monsters into our Halloween reviews i decided to track down and watch a spanish made Mummy movie from the early 70s called “the Mummy’s Revenge” which stars the Spanish horror Legend Paul Naschy. I have heard over the years that this film is the goriest mummy movie ever made and…yeah there right. It is probably the ONLY gory Mummy movie out there.

from IMDB : Paul Naschy has a duel role as Amenhotep/Assad Bey, an ancient egyptian mummified Pharaoh, and the high priest who brought him back to life. In order For Amenhotep to achieve immortality, Assad Bey has to kidnap nubile young virgins in Victorian London for blood sacrifices.

Now this is one hell of a hokey yet ridiculous and yet wholly enjoyable Mummy movie. Paul Naschy offcourse rocks it as both the Mummy and the man who brings the mummy to live, he does a good job in both roles simultaneously. The dialogue and pacing at times can be a little slow but the Mummy himself and the death scenes are what make up for it.

Now the Mummy is both funny and fucked up in this film. It is funny because it is a Spanish made movie so the Egyptian mummy is speaking spanish while there in London! but this mummy is not your run of the mill slow shambling and just choke people kind of a mummy. This mummy acts more like a diabolical villain mixed with that of a slasher! he talks, he walks upright and he hardly ever kills his victims by choking them. Instead he slashes there throats with daggers, crushes there hands with his bare hands, stabs them with multiple different objects but the most grueling scene in the whole movie involves the mummys servent offering the mummy several young womens corpses on slabs, The mummy is displeased with this so “I SHIT YOU NOT” goes to each one of the womens corpses and crushes each there heads into a bloody pink pulp with one swing of his fist one after another! This was one of those rare scenes that had me have to rewind and watch again going “whoa what the fuck!” and one other batshit crazy scene involves a young woman becoming mummified out of nowhere because ” I SHIT YOU NOT AGAIN” …she has sex with the mummy! yep…Mummy STD’s everyone!

so if you want to give the forgotten monster of the horror genre (Mummies) a chance this Halloween season but want a mummy movie that is little insane then seek out This oddity from Spain, its a doozy – James J. Coker


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