HIDDEN HORROR FOR HALLOWEEN – Black Devil Doll from Hell

Black Devil Doll from HellBack in the 80’s underground filmmaker Chester Turner made an extremely bizarre, low budget film  shot on a VHS camera called “Black Devil Doll from Hell”. The film for years was a extremely sought after and only available on VHS and occasionally the film would be on Ebay selling for ridiculous amounts of money. People also began to wonder what happened to Chester Turner (he made another film called “Tales from the Quadead Zone” but in my opinion Black Devil Doll is a better film) some websites claimed that he has died and rumors spread like wildfire. It was not until Louis Justin, owner of independent video releasing company Massacre Video tracked Chester down in Chicago. He then worked out a distribution deal with him to put his two films on DVD, and now a new generation of fans are able to see this infamous underground classic.

The film tells the tale of Helen. She is a wholesome God fearing Christian woman who regularly attends church. She doesn’t have much of a love life and she’s saving her virginity for her husband who she is yet to find. One day, that all changes when she goes into her local thrift store and finds a ridiculous looking black ventriloquist doll complete with dread locks! The store owner tells her that the doll can grant anyone their “most heartfelt wish”. She also tells Helen that every time someone buys the doll, it always ends back up at the store. Helen decides to purchase it and brings it back home. The doll comes to life, knocks Helen out and then ties her down to a bed and proceeds to graphically rape her! The doll also can talk and says repeatedly “How do ya like dat, bitch?” As the doll rapes Helen, she starts to enjoy it! The doll even stops and makes her beg for it!

After the rape is over, Helen realizes that she has become a whore! She becomes promiscuous and starts hanging out at the local bar and bring men back home. She realizes that they do not satisfy her like the doll did, and to her dismay, the doll is no where to be found. Helen then decides to go and find the doll, resulting in a very decision that ends her life.

This film is ridiculous. If you are looking for some cutting edge polished film made by filmmakers that are technically proficient,  you will NOT find it here. But then again, would you expect that from a film called “Black Devil Doll from Hell”? However, just because the film is horrible from a filmmaking stand point does not necessarily  mean that Chessr Turner is a horrible filmmaker. No way. It was an ingenious idea to shoot it on VHS and he has a very unique vibe to his films, and this film is just downright badass. Also there’s a badass soundtrack to this film as well, particularly the main theme of the song called “I’m Your Nightmare” by David Ichikawa. Somebody told me that that’s Chester Turner who did that and that was just his pseudonym. I’m not sure, so don’t hold me down to it.  The film is also very DIY. The main character Helen was played by Chester Turner’s girlfriend at the time named Shirley L. Jones.

This Halloween, If you want to experience real underground cinema, then this is the way to go. This film is guerrilla filmmaking at its finest.  – Dakoda Bailey


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