01 Hellions_1sheet_webNow dear horrorfiends i know this one might seem like a cheat since this film just came out two weeks ago, but lets face it normal movie viewers are not going to know about this film so technically it can count as a Hidden Horror. And not just a Hidden Horror but a Hidden Halloween gem horror fans should seriously check out for this Halloween season and make it a annual viewing every October, It is the Canadian made demonic Trick or Treater movie HELLIONS.

Hellions is about a teenage girl named Dora on Halloween during a blood moon who lives in a town famous for his Pumpkin Patch and discovers that she is pregnant and soon finds everyself being terrorized by creepy, demonic Trick or Treaters who want her unborn baby.

This film is Bruce McDonalds return to Horror after his incredibly cerebral zombie film “PontyPool” back in 2009. And boy i can say Bruce McDonald has not lost it. The character of Dora is a very rootable character and you denuinely dont want to see her in any peril, so when the trick or treaters attack it can be very tense. The demonic trick or treaters manage to be creepy, incredibly menacing and nightmarish all at the same time.  the film also adopts a surrealistic tone to the terror as soon as the trick or treaters attack. As soon as the terror begins the film adopts a pinkish-red color correction throughout the rest of the movie, almost suggesting a sense of surrealism is not adopted the area our poor Dora is in. But as the terror progresses more odd and surreal things begin to happen making the viewer question if everything truly is happening to Dora.

I believe the best way to describe this film is its a Halloween nightmare and should be sought out by horror fans immediately for this Halloween season. Hopefully this movie will become recommended viewing every October my dear horrorfiends. – James J. Coker


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