Cryptkeeper loves BootyThe day is finally here horror fiends! ITS HALLOWEEN !!!! the greatest of all holidays..well at least for horror fans. So for this Halloween post instead of a obscure Halloween movie to share with you all I will instead treat you to a very special, and pretty obscure little nugget of Tales from the Crypt goodness for you. A nugget so awesome and incredibly cheesy it will make a good Halloween treat…that is the rare Tales from the Crypt music video THE CRYPT JAM!

Back in the early 90s on Halloween, I believe it was Halloween 1992 or Halloween 1993, HBO would air a Tales from the Crypt marathon for Halloween night and my father would record them on VHS tape. Well during the marathon between a number of the episodes they were airing it would show a Tales from the Crypt music video called “the Crypt Jam” this music video was very much in the style of the “house Party” or cheesy party hip hop of the early 90s…but with the CryptKeeper !

Believe me horror fiends! i loved seeing this amazing piece of 90s horror goodness as a kid and to this day I still love it. We are treated to a silhouette of the cryptkeeper, back up dancers, zombie dancers, party goers dancing in the Cryptkeepers crypt on a dance floor with the Cryptkeeper (the guy has alot of surprises in his crypt) The Cryptkeeper in a variety of early 90s hip hop outfits, severed foots and skulls dancing, a variety of clips from all the monstrous scenes from the episodes between season 1 to season 4 and finally my personal favorite scene from this gold nugget… The Cryptkeeper singing and checking out on of the back up dancers ass in close up…. so now you know the Cryptkeeper is an ass man.

So happy Halloween my dear horror fiends, may your night be filled with costume dreams, candy delights and pumpkin spirits and enjoy this little golden cheese nugget from the Cryptkeeper for your Halloween – James J. Coker

P.S. i took the liberty of uploading the original early 90s version of the crypt Jam and NOT the edited season 3 dvd release that only shows clips from the third season, enjoy down below.




therunestoneA Norse Werewolf in America would have been an acceptable name for this 1991 creature-feature, but it may have attracted a completely different crowd, and wouldn’t have that mysterious and curiosity-generating aura that The Runestone provides.

Most Hidden Horrors readers may have never heard of it because it never made it past the VHS format. The Runestone is currently stuck in DVD limbo, along with The Keep, Grim Prairie Tales and I Was a Teenage Werewolf.

When an ancient Norse stone is excavated, it is shipped to New York for closer examination. When one of the archeologists becomes possessed by the stone’s power, he transforms into a Norse werewolf, a nocturnal killing machine that leaves a wake of bodies nightly.

runestone1Apart from the creature effects, gore, and over-the-top violence, which are arguably some of the best special effects put to film in the early nineties, The Runestone has a well paced script with some quirky dialogue and a farcical look at art culture.

The film also features a supporting role by the late, great William Hickey as the crazy old occultist and Norse mythology expert.

If you stumble upon a VHS copy of The Runestone at a flea market, garage sale or thrift store, claw it up, as it makes a great addition to your over-grown collection of werewolf films, and is a great inclusion to your Halloween viewing.


~ Matthew Cthulhu McPhee



23 roost_posterSo close to Halloween dear Horrorfiends! so why not a little known horror movie from horror director Ti West that takes place on Halloween, it is the Showtime channel Produced slow burn but equally nostalgia inducing THE ROOST

Before the main story begins we are treated to a terrific beginning showing the whole movie to be a old black and white late night “creature-Feature” Television showings with cheesy but cool cobwebs, Gothic corridors and a creepy horror host played by Tom Noonan, then the main story begins which is about four friends on there way to a wedding on Halloween in the countryside, but they are attacked by infected bats that when they bite you you turn into ravenous zombie like things.

Now since this is a Ti West movie one has to expect it to be slow burn…and it is but though this film is slow burn it has a good amount of fun and creepy moments. Ti West does a good job creating a sense of isolation for our characters through bright light that shines on them about complete darkness surrounding everything else. The pitch black darkness that surrounds them constantly gives a creepy and isolated vibe. Also when the bat and zombie attacks happen they are furious and fun.

But the best aspect of the whole movie is actually the Creature Feature horror host segments in the beginning and end. They give such a profoundly old school tone to it that one cant help but smile at…But the ending horror host segment takes a left turn, turning into a rather unsettling and creepy as hell POV style horror with a good jump scare to top it all off. It is a left turn that is completely unexpected and took me off guard.

So here is a little obscure mid 2000’s horror movie perfect for Halloween that usually goes off everyones radar this time of year, check this one out and give Ti West’s early stuff a chance. – James J. Coker


poe Project of EvilI believe one should honor Edgar Allan Poe in some way during the fright season, some read his stories, others listen to audio readings of his stories and some even seek out movies based on his works like i did. After searching for enjoyable Poe movies online i came across a Poe inspired anthology released by Brain Damage films called “POE project of Evil” which is 7 short films from filmmakers from around the world that are adaptations of Poe stories. And this little anthology packed with monsters, gory mayhem and bleak endings.

“the Pit and the Pendulum” is a rather different and modern take on the story. It is in a more futuristic torture chamber you can say and ends with a rather old school and cool looking monster.  “Alone” is one filled with Torture and a man forced to do horrendous acts, fans of the 00’s Torture subgenre might like this one. “Loss of Breath” is a sleazy tale of a porn star who gets tortured by some thugs and involves a graphic Castration scene.

Now the segment based on Murders in the Rue Morgue titled “Morgue Street” is perhaps the most powerful and shocking out of the whole anthology. It’s sleazy and disturbing, filled with flashing colored lighting reminiscent of Dario Argento. But the most shocking and horrific scene in the segment involves a prostitute getting cut up with a straight Razor in cringe inducing fashion and is then followed by a scene that left my jaw drop. I cannot spoil it, I would say seek out this anthology just for the “Morgue Street” segment.

The next Segments, “Tell Tale Heart” is a rather slow and thought provoking take on the tale and set in south east asia. “The System of Dr. Tar and Prof. Feather” is a powerful, gruesome and artsy one with some genuine gruesome moments and a stylistic feel to it and the final segment ‘the Premature Burial” has a nice twist at the ending that makes a good twist to the classic Poe story.

All in all this is a well put together Anthology film celebrating Edgar Allan Poe but all in different ways from different filmmakers. If you love indie horror, gruesome horror and the works of the great Mr. Poe then seek out this very obscure anthology. It is a great “Poe Movie” for you Halloween season – James J. Coker

HIDDEN HORROR FOR HALLOWEEN – Corpse Party Tortured Souls – 4 part OVA

Corpse PartyFor every Halloween viewing schedule i always try to throw in a Japanese horror film into the mix just to add some diversity and foreign flavors to the Halloween mix, Halloween season 2013 i watched Entrails of a Beautiful woman, Halloween season 2014 i watched the original Ring and so this Halloween season i decided to watch a Horror anime instead of the usual live action Japaneses Horror. Now i did not feel like anything too action packed (so no Hellsing) and nothing too sexual (im looking at you Legend of the Overfiend) luckily i discovered a 4 part OVA based on a popular Japanese horror game series called “Corpse Party” and after i read the synopsis for the franchise and I had to seek out this anime immediately…and oh what beautiful, ghoulish, ghostly and damn ghastly viewing pleasures awaited me when i popped in that rare Region 1 dvd of this hidden gem.

Now the synopsis of Corpse Party… The story is set in Heavenly Host Elementary School, an elementary school that was torn down following the murders and disappearances of several of its staff and students. By the start of the story, another school called Kisaragi Academy has been built over the elementary school site. One night, a group of students from Kisaragi are telling ghost stories when a sudden earthquake transports them to another dimension where Heavenly Host Elementary still exists and is haunted by the ghosts of the school’s murdered children. The students of Kisaragi Academy students try to find their way home and survive from the Ghost children who are out to murder them in gruesome ways with pairs of scissors!!!

Now with a synopsis like that you would think “oh typical ghost bullshit from Japan..YAWN” well…NO! not exactly yes the main baddies are ghosts but believe me this sucker is incredibly gruesome and gory, these ghosts do not play nice! but before i get into the red stuff, each episode has a mystery aspect to it where our characters are stitching together the pieces of where they are, what happened and how all these murderous ghost children came to be in this creepy otherworldly abandoned elementary school. Also it is noted that the first episode is a little rocky. It suffers from the usual anime “Bullshit” just a little and a few lines of dialogue that come out of nowhere that had me going “what the fuck!” and not in a good way. But just hold through horror fans because after the first death scene happens its one hell of a ghoulish and gruesome ride after that.

Now the real strength of this 4 part Horror anime lies in the creepy atmosphere of the abandoned other dimensional Heavenly Host elementary school and its incredibly fucked up and gruesome death scenes. Guts are spilled open numerous times, eyeballs are stabbed numerous times to the point it would make Fulci proud, and tongues are sliced off numerous times too, Seriously folks you can make a fucking drinking game out of how many times this anime spills guts, stabs eyeballs or slices off tongues. Along with all that we are also treated to gruesome stabbings, hangings, faces being skinned off, a mans body being skinned in half and a quick surprise decapitation all gruesome unrelenting fashion… believe me horror fiends the splatter is high in this one. But the most grueling scene involves a small girl being mutilated with a pair of scissors BUT you dont see most of it…you hear it and see a grizzly aftermath of it.

A noteworthy thing to add about Corpse Party Tortured Souls is that is also kills off children with reckless abandon. Seriously this fucker brutally kills off children in a mean spirited fashion like it is delighting in disturbing you. Just imagine if Lucio Fulci got to make a horror anime about murderous ghost children and was given permission to kill off child characters in it…and thats Corpse Party Tortured Souls. But believe me horrorfiends finding this sucker is a little hard to come by, Amazon.com and Ebay only have the japanese import and it is pricey, luckily i found a cheap region 1 english subtitled UNCUT version on a special anime website right here


Now horror fiends if you want to add some rare horror anime to your Halloween movie mix then seek out this ghoulish and mean little fucker soon! It is perfect for a October viewing.

Oh and P. S. there is a surprise end credits scene that is mean-spirited in a psychological and emotional way and it is completely unnecessary but it is just there to make the thing that much more fucked up…youve been warned MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  – James J. Coker

HIDDEN HORROR FOR HALLOWEEN – The Mummy’s Revenge AKA La Venganza de la Momia

11 MummysRevengeWanting to throw some old school monsters into our Halloween reviews i decided to track down and watch a spanish made Mummy movie from the early 70s called “the Mummy’s Revenge” which stars the Spanish horror Legend Paul Naschy. I have heard over the years that this film is the goriest mummy movie ever made and…yeah there right. It is probably the ONLY gory Mummy movie out there.

from IMDB : Paul Naschy has a duel role as Amenhotep/Assad Bey, an ancient egyptian mummified Pharaoh, and the high priest who brought him back to life. In order For Amenhotep to achieve immortality, Assad Bey has to kidnap nubile young virgins in Victorian London for blood sacrifices.

Now this is one hell of a hokey yet ridiculous and yet wholly enjoyable Mummy movie. Paul Naschy offcourse rocks it as both the Mummy and the man who brings the mummy to live, he does a good job in both roles simultaneously. The dialogue and pacing at times can be a little slow but the Mummy himself and the death scenes are what make up for it.

Now the Mummy is both funny and fucked up in this film. It is funny because it is a Spanish made movie so the Egyptian mummy is speaking spanish while there in London! but this mummy is not your run of the mill slow shambling and just choke people kind of a mummy. This mummy acts more like a diabolical villain mixed with that of a slasher! he talks, he walks upright and he hardly ever kills his victims by choking them. Instead he slashes there throats with daggers, crushes there hands with his bare hands, stabs them with multiple different objects but the most grueling scene in the whole movie involves the mummys servent offering the mummy several young womens corpses on slabs, The mummy is displeased with this so “I SHIT YOU NOT” goes to each one of the womens corpses and crushes each there heads into a bloody pink pulp with one swing of his fist one after another! This was one of those rare scenes that had me have to rewind and watch again going “whoa what the fuck!” and one other batshit crazy scene involves a young woman becoming mummified out of nowhere because ” I SHIT YOU NOT AGAIN” …she has sex with the mummy! yep…Mummy STD’s everyone!

so if you want to give the forgotten monster of the horror genre (Mummies) a chance this Halloween season but want a mummy movie that is little insane then seek out This oddity from Spain, its a doozy – James J. Coker

HIDDEN HORROR FOR HALLOWEEN – Black Devil Doll from Hell

Black Devil Doll from HellBack in the 80’s underground filmmaker Chester Turner made an extremely bizarre, low budget film  shot on a VHS camera called “Black Devil Doll from Hell”. The film for years was a extremely sought after and only available on VHS and occasionally the film would be on Ebay selling for ridiculous amounts of money. People also began to wonder what happened to Chester Turner (he made another film called “Tales from the Quadead Zone” but in my opinion Black Devil Doll is a better film) some websites claimed that he has died and rumors spread like wildfire. It was not until Louis Justin, owner of independent video releasing company Massacre Video tracked Chester down in Chicago. He then worked out a distribution deal with him to put his two films on DVD, and now a new generation of fans are able to see this infamous underground classic.

The film tells the tale of Helen. She is a wholesome God fearing Christian woman who regularly attends church. She doesn’t have much of a love life and she’s saving her virginity for her husband who she is yet to find. One day, that all changes when she goes into her local thrift store and finds a ridiculous looking black ventriloquist doll complete with dread locks! The store owner tells her that the doll can grant anyone their “most heartfelt wish”. She also tells Helen that every time someone buys the doll, it always ends back up at the store. Helen decides to purchase it and brings it back home. The doll comes to life, knocks Helen out and then ties her down to a bed and proceeds to graphically rape her! The doll also can talk and says repeatedly “How do ya like dat, bitch?” As the doll rapes Helen, she starts to enjoy it! The doll even stops and makes her beg for it!

After the rape is over, Helen realizes that she has become a whore! She becomes promiscuous and starts hanging out at the local bar and bring men back home. She realizes that they do not satisfy her like the doll did, and to her dismay, the doll is no where to be found. Helen then decides to go and find the doll, resulting in a very decision that ends her life.

This film is ridiculous. If you are looking for some cutting edge polished film made by filmmakers that are technically proficient,  you will NOT find it here. But then again, would you expect that from a film called “Black Devil Doll from Hell”? However, just because the film is horrible from a filmmaking stand point does not necessarily  mean that Chessr Turner is a horrible filmmaker. No way. It was an ingenious idea to shoot it on VHS and he has a very unique vibe to his films, and this film is just downright badass. Also there’s a badass soundtrack to this film as well, particularly the main theme of the song called “I’m Your Nightmare” by David Ichikawa. Somebody told me that that’s Chester Turner who did that and that was just his pseudonym. I’m not sure, so don’t hold me down to it.  The film is also very DIY. The main character Helen was played by Chester Turner’s girlfriend at the time named Shirley L. Jones.

This Halloween, If you want to experience real underground cinema, then this is the way to go. This film is guerrilla filmmaking at its finest.  – Dakoda Bailey