HIDDEN HORROR – the Hills Run Red

The_Hills_Run_Red_DVD_coverMany horror fans have heard of that “lost horror movie” the old scare film from decades ago that is nowhere to be found and supposedly incredibly gory and incredibly scary. For horror fans it is the ultimate treasure, to find that lost holy grail of a horror film, but what if the concept of a horror fan trying desperately to find that lost horror film was turned into a horror film itself? what if finding that lost horror film ends up going to very dark and dangerous places? enter Dave Parkers incredibly gruesome, mean spirited and well made 2009 straight to video slasher film THE HILLS RUN RED.

from imdb : A group of young horror fans go searching for a film that mysteriously vanished years ago along with the films director, but instead find that the demented killer from the movie (babyface) is real, all of the death scenes from the existing trailer are real and he’s thrilled to meet fans who will die gruesomely for his art.

Now if you are a fan of slasher films in the least of senses then you need to seek this one out NOW! Dave Parker’s the Hills Run Red is one hell of a entertaining and gruesome slasher film. All of the actors do a good job portraying believable characters but the acting spotlight of the film really shines on both William Sadler who plays the elusive film director Wilson Wylder Cancannon and actress Sophie Monk who plays the directors daughter who is helping the young horror fans find the lost slasher film.

Now the main villain of the film “BabyFace” is a damn good slasher villain who should be up there with the likes of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. Not only is he a damn creepy and gruesome looking killer but how he dispatches his many many MANY victims in the film is incredibly mean-spirited and gruesome. One such death scene involving a poor girl and hooks and that is all ill give away. But not only is Babyface creepy and very gruesome in his kills but he also surprises not only the characters in the film for what he is capable of but also surprises the viewer too in a very “whoa!” kind of a moment near the end.

Director Dave Parker’s style and tone are front and center in the film. Bright red lighting and red coloring is present through a number of scenes through the film and as soon as our character enter into Babyface’s domain the whole film gets more gruesome and demented with each passing scene, ending in a very bleak and macabre place for our characters. Director Dave Parker provides zero safety for both the viewers and the characters in the film.

You need to seek this one out immediately dear horror fans. The Hills Run Red is one hell of a entertaining, gruesome, mean spirited and just plain fucked up slasher film that you cant pass up – James J. Coker



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