HIDDEN HORROR – Shadow Builder

ShadowBuilderThe late 90s had some horror offerings worth mentioning, though the market was filled with scream knockoffs there were a few that stood out but are hardly mentioned nowadays in horror circles, Idol Hands, House on Haunted Hill remake, Sleepy Hollow, Night Flier, Kolobos and Deep Blue Sea. But there was another horror film in that time frame that is never mentioned even to those who vividly remember late 90s horror films. That is the film SHADOWBUILDER. The fun and special effects driven demon film starring Michael Rooker as a I shit you not gun toting catholic priest.

from IMDB: An evil Archbishop of the Catholic Church summons a demon to try and destroy the world. The summoners are killed, but the demon escapes to hunt down its needed victim. The victim soon turns out to be a child that has the potential to become a saint. After ravaging the town and turning its citizens upon themselves, the demon soon locates and captures his prey

Now this film is actually quite fun and Michael Rooker does a good job in every scene he is in. Its both surprising and fun seeing the man play a priest pulling out guns and shooting evil priests and shadow demons. Not only that but the film also has a X-files look to it all and once the shadowbuilder has the whole town gone crazy is when the fun really begins and the Shadowbuilder demon himself acts almost like a comic book villain with many “you will achieve this and you will not stop me” sort of lines. The only thing that might turn viewers off is the film is filled with CGI special Effects that look very dated but hey this film came out in 1998 you have to be a little forgiving for it, Especially with the special effects explosion of a ending.

So if you want a very forgotten 90s horror film about demons and Michael Rooker. Seek out Shadowbuilder, if you can – James J. Coker


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