MoH_TheVWord It was a damn shame that Mick Garris’s Masters of Horror anthology show only lasted two seasons. Now though many fans of the show thought the second season was not as good as the first, I highly beg to differ. The second season had terrific episodes like “the Black Cat” “Pelts” and this Ernest Dickerson directed episode about two best friends who encounter a specific kind of monster called “The V-Word”

After a boring day of playing videogames and getting into arguments with there abusive parents, two teenage friends decide to sneak into a Mortuary late at night for kicks. There they see that all is not right and someone or something is hunting them down.

Now “the V-Word” is a very simple episode with very little characters. pretty much three big characters throughout the whole episode. The two teens played pretty good by actors Arjay Smith and Branden Nadon but the real shine of the show is the “V-word” monster himself played by the terrific character actor Michael Ironside.

Aside from the good acting the episode also boast a spooky and effectively creepy atmosphere, especially when the two teens first arrive at the mortuary. The full moon, winds and leaves blowing atmosphere really set a fun spooky mood and when they are in the mortuary is when the creep factor plays in, and thats all before Michael Ironside even shows up! now dont be alarmed that there could be no gore in this episode because there is, we are treated to some good throat rippings, throat slashings and a terrific decapitation via reciprocating saw.

So the second season of Masters of horror has some good highlights and Ernest Dickerson’s “the V-word” is one of those highlights you should check out – James J. Coker


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