pod-2015-posterNow i know this might be considered cheating since this film just came out last month, but i honestly believe this little and tension filled creature feature will be considered a hidden gem of 2015.

POD  is about a brother and sister played wonderful by Lauren Ashley Carter and Dean Cates who go up to the mountains for a intervention for there younger brother who has locked himself into a cabin and what they believe suffers from schizophrenia. The brother tells them that a government made monster attacked him and has been tracking him and that we captured the creature inside his basement. Tensions and paranoia run high.

POD may be considered slow to some but for me the film racks up the characters and the tension and snowbound atmosphere quite well. All three actors do a bang up job and you really believe what each one is going through with there constant bickering to each other. The arguments they all have feel like real arguing among siblings in there older 20s and finally the film keeps you guessing as to if there really is some creature in the basement or is the younger brother just crazy…until the last 30 minutes. I wont spoil too much but all ill say is the last shot of the film takes you both by surprise and racks up the creep and scare factor pretty well.

POD is a little creature feature that is not that pricey to see, $7.99 on google play. So give it a chance.  – James J. Coker




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