Goodbye Master of Horror – Rest in peace Wes Craven.

wesOn August 30th 2015 the horror community and filmmaking world has lost a great, not just a great but a master of horror. Wes Craven died of brain cancer at the age of 76.

Believe me horrorfiends I am just as shocked and saddened as you if not more. The man was a legend, for he gave us so many enjoyable horror films, and though some of them were not as good as others, most of his output was enjoyable and he created nightmares for us all for practically 30 years! Hell the man gave the world a icon of horror, a icon that has since been synonymous the world “nightmare” he gave us Freddy krueger.

And not only did he give us so many horror films and freddy Krueger but the mans roster of horror films is quite impressive from Last house on the left, Hills have eyes, Swamp Thing, Deadly Blessing, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, Deadly Friend, Shocker, Serpent and the rainbow (personally favorite of mine) People under the stairs, Vampire in Brooklyn, New Nightmare, SCREAM and Red Eye. Also the man is responsible for jumpstarting the horror genre not once but three times! once in the 70s with the brutal and disturbing rape revenge film “Last House on the Left” again in the 80s with A nightmare on Elm Street and finally in the 90s with the popular meta slasher “Scream”, The man was a godsend to the horror genre so its quite painful that he has left us.

But most of all my fellow horrorfiends the reason this hurts me badly is because this man was a inspiration to me. He could peddle nightmares and create monsters with ease. Where he was is where i dream to be someday with my horror movie making and many short horror films ive made. He was a hero to me, and if anything his death makes me want to make more horror films, create more monsters and peddle more nightmares even with my microbudgets and extreme obscurity to someday be where he was.

Thank you Mr. Craven and rest in peace. I hope horrorfans and fellow filmmakers everyone see you in our dreams…or better yet…our nightmares.    – James J. Coker


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