Goodbye Jumpcut Cafe

Jumpcut Cafe For all those horror fans who are southern California natives, you might have heard of a wonderful little place in Los Angeles called the Jumpcut Cafe. It was a cafe that was a hangout for many horror filmmakers in the L.A. area and horror fans to come, eat food, write scripts and they even had horror film screenings there too. I have been to this wonderful place numerous times and have met some cool horror filmmakers and screen writers there. It was a wonderful place to meet like minded horror fans and filmmakers who love and talked passionately about many of the same horror movies you could love.

jumpcut audience

Jumpcut Daytime

Sadly the news just broke that they shall be closing there doors over this weekend.


The jumpcut cafe was a great place for those who love the horror genre. It was like those tv sitcoms where like minded characters always meet up and have a great time and sadly the sitcom is being cancelled. Now i know this might not seem like a typical obscure horror movie post here but believe me this news hurts and I just have to share it.

My first cool experience with the Jumpcut cafe was going with my best friend Doug waugh for a screening of a documentary on the Video Nastys ban in England, that is where i met the director of the film and even was surprised at seeing filmmakers there that i have read about and even some people from the Dreadcentral website. From there i frequented more and more with my friend Doug to even more screenings they had (films like Funhouse, Deadly Eyes, They Live, Tales from the Darkside and on 16MM projector no less) and meeting more filmmakers and genuine horror fans and just talking horror movies and filmmaking. I got good advice on putting personal problems and bearing your soul in a script from scriptwriter Jared Rivet and even got to meet Dreadcentral personality Andrew Kasch.

Jumpcut mystery Movie


But my favorite memory of all was during October of 2013 and 2014 they had 12 hour horrorthon screenings there with old horror films and childrens halloween cartoons. the first year they had slasher movie cupcakes with Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers faces on them

Jumpcut Michael Myers Cupcake

And the last horrorthon right before a screening of “the Funhouse” the owner of the cafe Elric Kane gave out free beers for everyone and Emma Julia Jacobs gave out free copies of Fangoria magazine.


I honestly thought that with such cool events always happening at the Cafe i was sure they would stay in business and even go to another 12 hour horrorthon this coming October. Guess that wasnt the case. This news really brakes my heart because this was the only place i could go and feel like i was finally with like minded people with the same loves and passions as me, As a horror fan i never had that sense of community before and at Jumpcut i had that, I felt like i belonged. Goodbye Jumpcut Cafe you were a wonderful dream come true to me, a dream that has ended. you will be missed. – James J. Coker


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