HIDDEN HORROR – Carver (2008)

CarverIf any of you can remember the video store days, then you can definitely remember going to blockbuster or hollywood video and going to the horror section and seeing all the horror cover art, some of which looked appealing, others looked generic, one such slasher movie to come out straight to video and in video stores during the last days of the video store was a little backwoods slasher movie called “Carver” directed by the grossly under-appreciated Franklin Guerrero Jr.

Carver concerns 5 twenty somethings camping in the mountain town of Halcyon Ridge, there they discover an old shed containing 16MM snuff films of some obese overall wearing redneck murdering several people in vicious ways, they soon discover that the films are indeed real and the murderous redneck is out to kill them.

Now i know this all might sound very very familiar to the casual horror fan but believe me this backwoods slasher film is quite brutal and very much for gorehounds. The death scenes throughout the film are very gory and cringe inducing. with nails to the forehead, stabbings, hand saws slowing decapitating victims, sledgehammers to the face repeatedly, screw drivers to the forehead, gore gun shot blasts to the face and seriously one of the most cringe inducing and grossest death scene ever….all ill say is it involves a character getting covered in poop and then a pair of pliers is taken to one of his testicles…

Not only are the death scenes incredibly graphic in this one but also the uncomfortable backwoods atmosphere of it all really gets under your skin right from the beginning with a disturbing Blue grass song playing on repeat. Also this movie is filmed on digital video and it shows, now though some might say that look is bad but believe me the digital video look of the film really makes the gory, brutal backwoods nature of the film all the more uncomfortable. OH! and it has a good grim ending to it all. Seriously director Franklin Guerrero Jr. proves his worth with this film and his previous gory demon possession film “8th Plague” it is a damn shame he has not made any other horror films.

So if you want a backwoods slasher that is very brutal, gory and fucked up. Then Carver is right up your alley, just make sure you get the unrated version. – James J. Coker


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