HIDDEN HORROR – SHORT FILM – The Security Guards

the Security Guards PicHey there Horrorfiends! James J. Coker here with a brand new review for the blog, this time a little short film i saw today that blew my socks off. A very gross and GHOULISH short film called “The Security Guards” by Jody Fedele

This short is about two grave robbers who get more then they bargained for when they steal a treasure from a grave in a desolate cemetery at night.

Now this little short film is fucking awesome! it stars the always lovely and well known in the horror community horror actress Tiffany Shepis as a ultra greedy grave robber. But what really shines in the short film is just how bad it ends up for the two grave robbers. What comes to get them is anything short of Ghoulish in a very Creepshow/EC comics sort of way but it oddly turns really gross in a 1980s horror movie way with great use of practical effects that are reminiscent of the very latex and rubbery days of the 1980s. And the best part of it all is this short film is actually going to be apart of a another horror film featuring more crazy monsters and 80s style makeup FX called “The Monster Masher” coming soon from the short film director and FX man Jody Fedele. Check out this five minute slice of awesome right here – James J. Coker


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