second episode of “Waugh and Coker plugged in”

Here it is horror fiends. the second episode of Waugh and Coker plugged in starring yours truly and doug Waugh. this episode we try to watch and review the incredibly bad Exorcist 2 the heretic and boy did we have a trouble with this one.


HIDDEN HORROR – Dario Argento’s Phenomena

phenomena_poster_03Now for horror fans when it comes to Argento movies it is either love or hate, i for one im in the love category but then again i have a weakness for Italian horror cinema, and out of Argento’s “Golden Years” Phenomena is one that is generally overlooked by fans who pine over Argento’s “Suspiria” and “Deep Red”, which is a shame because not only does Phenomena showcase some damn good Argento tropes but also features both a very young Jennifer Connelly and Donald fucking Pleasence!

From IMDB: A young girl, with an amazing ability to communicate with insects, is transferred to an exclusive Swiss boarding school, where her unusual capability might help solve a string of murders.

Phenomena is a italian horror film filled with talent both in front of the camera and behind it. Jennifer Connolly though young (her Labyrinth days) does a bang up job as a misunderstood young woman with a gift and Donald Pleasence has a presence on screen as the humble Entomologist helping the detectives find the murdering. Also Dario Argento brings his A-Game here with great camera shots (as usual with Argento) fantastic music with switches back from a score by Claudio Simonetti and various rock bands, a moody and very windy atmosphere and some genuine shocks and uncomfortable moments with the kills and one scene involving a pit filled with maggots!

So if you have a compulsion to watch some Argento but want to give Suspiria and Deep Red a rest please give Phenomena a shot, its one of Argento’s unsung best – James J. Coker


Screenshot_2015-05-06-15-06-35-2Hey there Horror fiends, James J. Coker here sharing with you the very first episode of a horror movie and Horror videogame review and Parody series by Doug Waugh and Yours truly, the show “WAUGH AND COKER PLUGGED IN” and in this very first episode we play,review and parody the infamous Friday the 13th Nintendo game. so give it a watch and please subscribe to the channel.

The next episode will be about the Troma distributed Evil Dead in a house with a killer granny film DEAD DUDES IN THE HOUSE


Cemetery of TerrorHappy Cinco De Mayo horror fiends! a day which white people try to be mexican and to mexicans its just another day. Now if you are looking for a mexican horror movie but dont want anything with mexican wrestlers and want something a little more gory and ghoulish then ive got just the obscure mexican horror movie for you. A “hidden horror” that is hardly talked about even in the horror community, it is the 1985 slasher-haunted House and cemetery zombie hybrid film “CEMENTERIO DEL TERROR” or Cemetery of Terror in english.

from IMDB: A professor suspects that a vicious killer may have discovered a way to return from the grave and continue his violent spree. His fears are proved true when a group of teenagers decide to pull a Halloween prank by stealing the killer’s body from the morgue. When the teens recite an incantation from an old magic book over the corpse, it begins to come back to life, along with all of the bodies from the nearby cemetery.All the while three children trick or treating are terrorized by all the bodies that have now risen in the nearby cemetery.

Now if you go into this movie with your expectations just a little lowered you will probably have a good time with this one. It Features incredibly dumb teenage victims that give makes the Friday the 13th series victims look smart. Surprisingly the film is filled with a good amount of gore as the resurrected and very Charles Manson looking slasher kills the dumb teens one by one with the Haunted house and then we are given another storyline of the three kids being terrorized by all the rotten zombies in the cemetery! so its goes from a haunted house movie to a slasher movie and then into a zombie movie! Needless to say amidst some of the bad points this film quite a fun piece of 1980s mexican cheese or should is say queso. Either or if you want a fun mexican horror movie that jumps from one sub-genre to another this Cinco de Mayo then seek out “CEMENTERIO DEL TERROR” and enjoy. – James J. Coker


cofferSwedish filmmaker David F. Sandberg has a number of atmospheric short horror films under his belt – most notably (and viral), the 2014 Who’s There Film Challenge winner Lights Out – and they all prove filmmakers do not need a large crew, expensive equipment or even a budget to make an effective horror film. Each one of Sandberg’s productions are all beautifully lit with cheap IKEA lights and feature one character (Sandberg’s wife and frequent writing/producing collaborator Lotta Losten), including his 2014 supernatural short, Coffer.

When a lone woman begins hearing strange noises coming from her chest or ‘coffer’ one night, she investigates the box and discovers something sinister dwelling within.

Apart from the beautiful IKEA lighting (he has stated on his website, “I don’t let the
absence of budgets stop me from creating. I’ll make due with what I have.”), Sandberg also employs brilliant sound design throughout his films, which play out as characters themselves and increase the creepiness tenfold.

The director is a jack-of-all-trades, taking on all the technical roles of his productions, and the end results are more effective than studio-produced horror films as of late.

~ Matthew McPhee

And for anybody who has not yet viewed Lights Out, his viral, award-winning short film.

HIDDEN HORRORS YOU MUST HEAR ! the very first Hidden Horrors podcast

11200819_679325005529699_94293480074322722_nHello Horror Fiends, James J. Coker here letting you all know this is the very first podcast for the hidden horrors you must see blog. Sterling Anno and mysefl discuss a wide range of topics within the horror genre including what makes a horror movie a “Hidden Gem”. Two hidden horror films that we both love to death one being a super scary Japanese found footage film and the other being a batshit crazy Bigfoot film. Two other films we both find very underrated and cant understand why fans shit all over them. Then we spew nothing but love for a little indie film called IT FOLLOWS and finish it off with some new horror directors who we have started to follow there work and the Horror films coming out here most excited for. So have the time fly by with Sterling “the SporkGuy” and myself talking passionately about the Hidden Gems we love. Link down below. you can either listen or Download by clicking the downward pointing arrow icon on the corner of the link.