where the hell have we been?

Confused_Zombie_by_SunkenShip777 If you follow this blog regularly you have probably been wondering where the hell has everyone responsible for the reviews been? well the reason why the reviews this year have been pretty slim is because everyone on the Hidden horrors team has been a bit preoccupied with there dreams.

Matthew McPhee has been producing short films like “Hack Job” and “Playmate” and is planning some more intriguing horror shorts in the future

Dakoda Brookes has been very busy working on a few of his short films as well plus he has not been responding to my emails…

Sterling Anno has been busy working on and promoting several film festivals including the Underground film festival happening in Temecula CA in May in which two of yours truly’s short films “Disappointed” and “Be good for goodness Sake” . And not only the film festivals but Sterling and I just recently recorded the first ever Hidden Horrors Podcast! it needs some editing first but when it is ready we will let you all know.

And finally for me James J. Coker I have been busy getting my short films into film festivals and currently writing my next short horror film which is best described as a very emotionally tormenting Twilight zone homage. Along with the short films I have also been planning on getting my name out there a little more but in different ways.

So dont worry hidden horrors fans, The blog is not dead just a bit stagnant at the moment, but hopefully the podcast will bring things back up to speed but in different ways. – James J Coker


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