plague-townHAPPY ST.PATRICKS DAY HORRORFIENDS! Now as horror fans whenever it is a holiday we take it upon ourselves to usually watch a horror movie involving the holiday or anything related to the holiday, and for St. Patricks day we usually watch the Warwick Davis Leprechaun movies but in all honestly I always felt those movies though can be fun usually leave a bad aftertaste after you watch them and start using your brain again. So last year for the holiday i reviewed Drew Daywalts impressive “Red Clover” so this year instead of a hidden horror involving the holiday i will instead share with you a hidden horror that takes place in Ireland instead…PLAGUE TOWN.

the Tourists

In a remote village in Ireland, a shocking secret lives on with each and every baby born. It is said that all children are creatures of God…except here. Now for a group of lost american tourists trying to rediscover there Irish roots, every conception of ‘family’ will soon be sliced to pieces.

the Children

Now Plaguetown can be seen as a run of the mill “People get lost and get killed” horror storyline but believe me it has some good points and can be worth a quick watch on the day of Green Beer. The lost american family are believable characters especially the annoying blonde daughter. The Evil deformed children are pretty creepy and very mean spirited in there kills, these little fuckers dont play around especially when one character gets his head sliced in half and another is beaten to death slowly with a hub cap while she pleads for her life. The later scene being very mean spirited and practically grueling. Director David Gregory directs with a decent sense of style and finally in the half way mark when the eyeless beauty Rosemary appears it is downright creepy, atmospheric and borderline nightmarish.


So if youre tired of watching Leprechauns for St.Patricks Day, but want a horror film involving Ireland then give Plague Town a go, its a decent little watch. – James J. Coker


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