HIDDEN HORROR – Necrophobia

necrophobiaNow if your looking for a horror film that is so damn obscure or as we like to call it “Hidden” that most horror fans havent even heard of it and so damn “hidden” that there is hardly any talk or reviews of it on the internet! then Ive got one for you dear Horrorfiends, a very dark, depressing and damn macabre piece of 90s horror cinema that comes from the Netherlands, a 60 minute horror film called “Necrophobia”

Necrophobia is about a simple man named Mark who sadly loses his beautiful loving wife in a heartbraking and particularly nasty roadside accident. At the funeral he notices two women arguing and ends up meeting one of the mysterious women named Colette who happens to be a widow herself and like Mark traumatized and deeply hurt by her loss. They soon try to begin a new love with each other but it is filled with more death, and a “love of the dead”.

necrophobia6Now despite Necrophobia’s short running time it still packs quite a wallop for Horror fans and those wanting something depressing. The characters, story and photography are all engaging and the scenes of horror are both macabre as hell but also quite fun with eerie blue lighting, hanging rattling chains, rotting corpses strewn about, a mysterious woman having sex with those corpses! and a few gory murders including some good chainsaw scenes in there, you can tell that they made the film with a passion for horror cinema.


necrophobia4But not only is the horror scenes great and the story and characters engaging, Necrophobia’s main horror is from the terrors of the loss of a loved one and the torment of Grief, we are treated to the torment Mark is going through philosophical dialogue to the point that the grief feels very real. And finally the ending to this rare gem is one hell of a grim and and depressing ending.



So if you want a fun but depressing horror film made by people with a clear love of the genre while boasting to all your other horror loving friends about how incredibly unknown it is, seek out “Necrophobia” if you can………okay so I found the film on Youtube, thanks to youtuber “DEVILMAN66631” check this rare gem out below if youve got the time. – James J. Coker


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