Split PersonalitySince were so close to Valentines Day horrorfiends I decided to share with you all a particular favorite episode of the Crypt that indeed involves love..the Love between a man and a woman…well in this case the love between a con-artist and twins. A love that is then split…with a CHAINSAW! this little season 4 tale of the Crypt is called “Split Personality”.

A swindler named Jack (Joe Pesci) who loves money and Twins meets two rich twins who take an interest in him. Jack romances both of them but then tricks them into thinking he has a twin brother himself who is constantly gone away on business trips, he then uses that lie to marry both of them and get there money but little does he know that these rich twins arent as innocent as he thinks they are and they find out his little secret too.

Now “Split Personality” is one hell of an enjoyable episode of the Crypt. Joe Pesci is as always wonderful to watch as the swindler Jack and even a little hammy at times especially when he is actually seen singing to the awesomely bad 90s song “im so Sexy”. The Twins do a terrific job playing innocent naive shut ins only to have a very dark side at the very end. The whole episode is peppered with great crooner music from Dean Martin, Perry Como and Marvin Gaye throughout that just adds to the con-artist in love atmosphere. And finally the ending of this episode is the shinning star of the whole thing, the ending turns from a con-artist story into a full blown 80’s style horror story with 80s style green and pink lighting, our Poor Jack tied to a bed and our twins wearing sexy white lingerie and using a high powered Chainsaw to end up “sharing” our main character in a gruesome way the twins really prefer. And believe me the spot were they start to use that chainsaw on our poor Jack is enough to make any male viewer cringe in agony.

So if your looking to venture into the 4th season of the Crypt and want a fun episode with enjoyable characters, good music and a “Killer” cringe inducing ending then dont hesitate to watch “Split Personality”. – James J. Coker



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