treevenge-posterMERRY CHRISTMAS HORRORFIENDS! From the Crew of Hidden Horrors.  and a few to give you fellow horrorfiends a insane and gory little christmas is to tell you about “Hobo with the Shotgun” director Jason Eisener Christmas horror short film TREEVENGE.

Treevenge takes you through Christmas but not through the eyes of a average person oh no. It takes you through Christmas through the perspective of the pine trees and all the Horror and slaughter they go through during the yuletide season. Finally the Trees have had enough and start a insane and gory revolt leaving no one spared…men, women, children and even babies are mutilated by the trees in there rebellion.

Treevenge is balls to the wall insanity from start to finish. Before all the gory slaughter happen there is still a kinetic insanity that Jason Eisener puts into the short film right from the beginning and never stops. A kinetic insanity that he’ll later master in “Hobo with a Shotgun”. The short feels like it is rip roaring at the fast pace and can glue you to your seat and once the bloody mayhem starts youll be taken aback yet cheering at how no one is spared from these rebellious trees.

So Merry Christmas you fellow horrorfiends and enjoy these piece of insane Gory christmas mayhem. – James J. Coker



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