Don't_Open_Till_Christmas_FilmPoster”Don’t Open Till Christmas” is a 1984 UK Christmas horror film Directed by Edmund Purdon. What makes this film stand out from the rest of the Christmas horror films is its sleaziness. If you are looking for a sleazy, over the top Christmas horror, this is the way to go. While a lot of Christmas horror could be considered sleazy or cheesy, this one is special and as a quote from the movie goes: ”Another Santa is Slain”…

The film tells the story of a masked serial killer terrorizing London around Christmas time. The only thing is that he wants to kill Santa Clause. This masked killer kills anyone dressed in a Santa Claus costume in brutal fashion. The Santa Clause slaying eventually draw the attention of Detective Ian Harris and Sergeant Powell. Things get more strange when Powell gets a present with a mysterious message on it reading ”Don’t Open Till Christmas”. As the two detectives try to catch the killer and the film progresses, the body pile of Santas begins to rise, leading to the sleazy and over the top finale.

Don’t watch this film expecting a sophisticated Christmas horror film. This film’s appeal lies in the sleaze and gore factor. The masked killer kills his way though the film executing anyone dressed in a Santa costume in brutal and creative ways. Some of these method include castration, putting a gun in Santa’s mouth and blowing his head off, burning one of his victim’s face’s off and more. One might why wonder why the masked killer hates Santa so much, but towards the end of the film, the killer’s fucked up reason is shown.

This Christmas, if you want a bloody sleazy film, then this is for you. If you are offended by a masked killer brutally killing people dressed up as Santa in mean and bloody ways, you will be offended so don’t watch this film. On the other hand gore fans will be in heaven! The ending is pretty unsuspected as well. ”Another Santa is Slain”. HA HA!

-Dakota Bailey


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