heseesyouWanting to take part in the “adult” Christmas tradition of pitting the Elf on the Shelf in compromising photographs for the world wide web to see, Rich and his girlfriend Karen pose St. Nick’s spy in several explicit positions with a nude Barbie.

Obviously, this is a big no-no, as Santa’s little stool pigeon spills the beans, and the big guy himself spills some guts. His weapon of choice: a menacing-looking icicle.

But Kris Kringle doesn’t stop there, as he punishes a potty-mouth lush, and he also shows his lighter side when rewarding one of the “good” ones.

Instead of the familiar slasher santa from horror films of Christmas past, filmmakers Blair Downey and Michael Hickey (winners of Scariest and Best Film awards in the Nickel Independent Film Festival’s 48-Hour Horror Challenge for The Calming) also tie in the magic of Christmas, from the storybook opening to Santa’s ghost-like presence, and it’s all tied together with a warm rhyming Seuss-like narration from actor Bruce Brenton. He Sees You… is all wrapped as the best Christmas short to surface this year.

~ Matthew McPhee

I was so impressed with He Sees You…, I decided to dig a little deeper and have a look at their award-winning The Calming. Think of this as your stocking stuffer from Hidden Horrors this year:


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