HIDDEN HORROR FOR CHRISTMAS – SHORT FILM – Christmas Nightmares Part 2: Home for the Holidays

tumblr_lwmmvpbBEQ1r6n6u8o1_400From Halloween prop-making company Beyond the Grave Productions and haunted-attractions media marketers Rogues Hollow Productions comes the Santa slasher Home for the Holidays.

The six-minute short is nothing new in terms of an ax-wielding Santa (Silent Night, Christmas Evil, Santa’s Slay, and Silent Night, Deadly Night; the list goes on like Santa’s “naughty” list), but it will put horror fiends, looking for some entertainment this holiday season, in the festive spirit.

The acting is abysmal, but that’s a common trait amongst the slasher genre. Besides, this short plays more like a demented Christmas card from the two aforementioned companies.

After the man of the house rushes the children off to bed early, due to a pass from his candy cane-fellating wife, he later gets up to play Santa Claus and put some presents under the tree. Without realizing there already is a psychotic Santa lurking around the house, the man and his wife meet their bloody demise, and little Noah and Rebecca wake up to the biggest Christmas morning surprise they’d ever bargain for.

If you have six minutes to spare this Christmas, sit back and enjoy Home for the Holidays. It takes the approximate amount of time to whip up a rum and egg nog, so make a double, sit back, and enjoy!

 ~ Matthew McPhee


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