gingersnaps2Shortly after the events of the first film, we find Brigitte on the run, searching for a cure for her lycanthropy while being pursued by a male werewolf determined on mating with her all while being haunted by apparitions of her dead sister, Ginger. After overdosing on monkshood, she is institutionalized in a rehabilitation centre for young women.

Without her wolf’s bane (which she has recently learned only slows the process of her changing into a werewolf) she is biding her time, intent on breaking out before the unknown werewolf tracks her down, or worse, before she changes into a savage beast herself.

In the hospital, Brigitte befriends a strange little girl named “Ghost” (Tatiana Maslany, TV’s Orphan Black), who embodies innocence, but has some skeletons in her closet. The two eventually flee the institution and seek refuge in Ghost’s sick grandmother’s desolate house in a wooded winter wonderland. Barricading the home before the anonymous wolf makes an appearance, Brigitte is getting closer to her transformation, which all leads up to a brutal climax and a bizarre denouement.

The sequel uses plenty of dark humor but lacks the satire that drove its predecessor. But one improvement is the special effects, which surpass the intriguing tangible effects of the first film in a time of increasingly popular computer-generated visual effects.

The film also takes on themes of suicide and drug addiction, not to stray too far from the original’s subjects of death and sex, and the winter setting gives the film an eerie feeling of desolation and despair, as if the landscape is a character itself.

~ Matthew McPhee



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