main-all-through-the-house_LRG Hello there horrorfiends, its that magical time of year again where brightly colored trees are put up. tiny colored light bulbs are sprawled all over houses and Christmas Music is everywhere and you cant escape. For many the Holidays signal a time of joy and frustration with shopping but to us Horrorfans its a time to catch up on the still very limited selection of Christmas time Horror films. Now everyone knows that Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year but christmas comes second simply for all the wonderful christmas lights and watching mean-spirited fucked up yuletide horror films to balance out all the joy of the Christmas Season.

What i do love most about the Christmas Horror genre is that most christmas horror films tend to take the most joyous and iconic Christmas imagery and twist it and horrify it. Showing that even the most Happy and Joyous things can turn into something dark. Not only that but for horrorfans and myself who love Horror year round, we like to take all that joyous and at times damn frustrating Christmas spirit that is FUCKING EVERYWHERE and throw some bloody dark horror into it by watching Christmas Horror films to try and balance out everything. Well at least to me anyways.

So it is the Yuletide horror season here at Hidden Horrors you must  see and unfortunetly horror fans most Christmas Hidden horrors we have already reviewed last Christmas Season (see what i mean by there is not enough christmas horror) but dont worry too much horror fans, the Hidden Horrors crew and I have dug up a few remaining Christmas Hidden horrors to show you all along with some Snowy/wintertime hidden horrors for good measure too. So let the Yuletide horrors begin! and in the meantime enjoy the artwork up top courtesy of Fright Rags, TALES FROM THE CRYPT’S ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE! its my favorite piece of Christmas horror and a christmas eve tradition in my house. – James J. Coker


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