treevenge-posterMERRY CHRISTMAS HORRORFIENDS! From the Crew of Hidden Horrors.  and a few to give you fellow horrorfiends a insane and gory little christmas is to tell you about “Hobo with the Shotgun” director Jason Eisener Christmas horror short film TREEVENGE.

Treevenge takes you through Christmas but not through the eyes of a average person oh no. It takes you through Christmas through the perspective of the pine trees and all the Horror and slaughter they go through during the yuletide season. Finally the Trees have had enough and start a insane and gory revolt leaving no one spared…men, women, children and even babies are mutilated by the trees in there rebellion.

Treevenge is balls to the wall insanity from start to finish. Before all the gory slaughter happen there is still a kinetic insanity that Jason Eisener puts into the short film right from the beginning and never stops. A kinetic insanity that he’ll later master in “Hobo with a Shotgun”. The short feels like it is rip roaring at the fast pace and can glue you to your seat and once the bloody mayhem starts youll be taken aback yet cheering at how no one is spared from these rebellious trees.

So Merry Christmas you fellow horrorfiends and enjoy these piece of insane Gory christmas mayhem. – James J. Coker




Dead End Poster‘Twas the fright before Christmas, when all thro’ the house. Not a creature-feature was stirring, but this new Christmas Eve tradition was…

Dead End is the first and only film collaboration from writing and directing team Jean-Baptiste Andrea (Brotherhood of Tears) and Fabrice Canepa (his only IMDb credit).

The film kicks off with that feeling of impending doom, as Frank Harrington (Ray Wise, Jeepers Creepers 2) drives his family to his mother-in-law’s for Christmas Eve.

Jokes asides, Dead End definitely encompasses that dreadful feeling, as the Harringtons decide to take a detour on their trip, ending up on a deserted back road and being besieged by sinister forces along the way.

One by one, each family member falls to these forces’ diversions, and one by one, family secrets come to light.

Dead End is a brilliant and mysterious situational low-budget ghost story that will keep viewers guessing right up until the very end. But the amount of laughs also equal the frights, in a strange blend of juvenile, droll, and slapstick (to name a few) humor all presented in an extremely dark manner.

The film is definitely a hidden gem that deserves plenty of recognition and should have a reservation on every horror fans’ “must see” list, not to mention a suitable part of their annual Christmas viewing.


~ Matthew McPhee



Don't_Open_Till_Christmas_FilmPoster”Don’t Open Till Christmas” is a 1984 UK Christmas horror film Directed by Edmund Purdon. What makes this film stand out from the rest of the Christmas horror films is its sleaziness. If you are looking for a sleazy, over the top Christmas horror, this is the way to go. While a lot of Christmas horror could be considered sleazy or cheesy, this one is special and as a quote from the movie goes: ”Another Santa is Slain”…

The film tells the story of a masked serial killer terrorizing London around Christmas time. The only thing is that he wants to kill Santa Clause. This masked killer kills anyone dressed in a Santa Claus costume in brutal fashion. The Santa Clause slaying eventually draw the attention of Detective Ian Harris and Sergeant Powell. Things get more strange when Powell gets a present with a mysterious message on it reading ”Don’t Open Till Christmas”. As the two detectives try to catch the killer and the film progresses, the body pile of Santas begins to rise, leading to the sleazy and over the top finale.

Don’t watch this film expecting a sophisticated Christmas horror film. This film’s appeal lies in the sleaze and gore factor. The masked killer kills his way though the film executing anyone dressed in a Santa costume in brutal and creative ways. Some of these method include castration, putting a gun in Santa’s mouth and blowing his head off, burning one of his victim’s face’s off and more. One might why wonder why the masked killer hates Santa so much, but towards the end of the film, the killer’s fucked up reason is shown.

This Christmas, if you want a bloody sleazy film, then this is for you. If you are offended by a masked killer brutally killing people dressed up as Santa in mean and bloody ways, you will be offended so don’t watch this film. On the other hand gore fans will be in heaven! The ending is pretty unsuspected as well. ”Another Santa is Slain”. HA HA!

-Dakota Bailey


heseesyouWanting to take part in the “adult” Christmas tradition of pitting the Elf on the Shelf in compromising photographs for the world wide web to see, Rich and his girlfriend Karen pose St. Nick’s spy in several explicit positions with a nude Barbie.

Obviously, this is a big no-no, as Santa’s little stool pigeon spills the beans, and the big guy himself spills some guts. His weapon of choice: a menacing-looking icicle.

But Kris Kringle doesn’t stop there, as he punishes a potty-mouth lush, and he also shows his lighter side when rewarding one of the “good” ones.

Instead of the familiar slasher santa from horror films of Christmas past, filmmakers Blair Downey and Michael Hickey (winners of Scariest and Best Film awards in the Nickel Independent Film Festival’s 48-Hour Horror Challenge for The Calming) also tie in the magic of Christmas, from the storybook opening to Santa’s ghost-like presence, and it’s all tied together with a warm rhyming Seuss-like narration from actor Bruce Brenton. He Sees You… is all wrapped as the best Christmas short to surface this year.

~ Matthew McPhee

I was so impressed with He Sees You…, I decided to dig a little deeper and have a look at their award-winning The Calming. Think of this as your stocking stuffer from Hidden Horrors this year:


Santa 3If there is one thing we’ve learned from recently viewed short films here at Hidden Horrors, it’s that children refuse to stay in bed while evil is lurking about on Christmas Eve.

This fact gets reinforced in the 2014 fantasy-horror short film, aptly named Santa.

Running at only a minute and a half, Santa is a truly effective short, from the atmospheric lighting, to the haunting soundtrack and the well-done creature effects.

This time around, Santa takes on a truly frightening figure, with a demon-like head and elongated fingers and claws. He makes Tim Sullivan’s “Santa Claws” look like a muppet. Although there is no explanation to the creature’s intensions, Santa should please genre fans around the world looking for a quick shock this holiday season.

~ Matthew McPhee


A Very Zombie Holiday 1In the tradition of informational videos shown across American elementary school classrooms nation-wide in the 1950s, comes Team Unicorn’s take on the over-parodied subject. Not only is the 8mm survival guide an over-done topic, but this film also contains the “rare” pop culture antagonist known as the zombie. Sarcasm and excessiveness aside, A Very Zombie Holiday scores as fresh and inventive short film, full of hilarity and violence. It’s plays like a missing segment from 2006’s cult phenomenon, Fido. The production values are high (minus the modern kitchen appliances), and that is something that goes a long way with low-budget short films. So if you want to survive a zombie apocalypse this Christmas, read no further, and click “play” on the embedded video below.

~ Matthew McPhee


a christmas treatWhen little Jason decides to sneak a peek at the jolly old fat man on Christmas Eve, things take a turn for the worst.

20 years before Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs) became a well-established cult-horror writer, director and producer, the 21-year-old New York University film student produced this winner of the Fangoria Short Film Search Award.

A Christmas Treat delivers that warm, fuzzy, nostalgic feeling leading up to the climax, from Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song” to the vintage film look of the short. If you were born in the 1980s, you’d think you were watching an old Coca-Cola commercial. Of course, that’s not the type of “can” old “Santa Claws” opens in this short film.

But whatever feelings the first three minutes resonates in its viewers, the final 45 seconds are comparable to the darkest and most disturbing scenes in any film… And 30 years later, A Christmas Treat is still effective.

 ~ Matthew McPhee

Tim Sullivan was even courteous enough to upload the entire short film to his YouTube channel: