02 Inside the Closet.avi_001128094The 1980’s anthology show TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE had a number of good and memorable episodes. One episode that is well remembered and is actually in IMDB’s top three episodes of the whole series!! is an episode about a girl haunted by some little creature inside her closet. An episode that can terrify children who dare watch this one. For children can be afraid of what goes bump in the closet and this Tales from the Darkside episode will only further cement that fear to terrifying new heights…Perfect to scare the shit out of little ones for the Halloween season muhahahahaha!!!

from IMDB : What is scurrying around inside the closet of the upstairs room that grad student Gail Aynsley rents from veterinary school dean Dr. Fenner? Gail doesn’t know, but she is determined to find out and Dr Fenner isn’t telling.

now “Inside the Closet” is not only one of the best Tales from the Darkside episodes ever but one of the best moments of horror on Television ever! the way one remembers the creepy build up to a terrifying conclusion on there favorite Twillight zone or tales from the Crypt episode is the way “Inside the Closet” is remembered. Actress Roberta Weiss plays her character perfectly as that very innocent girl who is away from home for the first that and all those uncomfortable feelings that go with that, the episode really plays on that by making the one room setting almost feel like a character in its self. Not only is Roberta Weiss and the room itself the high points but the direction by Tom Savini…yes that Tom Savini is superb with Tom making excellent use of lighting and shadows not to show the monster just yet but to build up the creepiness slowly until the end.

But all in all the two best aspects of the episode is the build up in which both our poor character and you are slowly wondering what could be hiding in her room while the slow subtle creep factor builds and buils upon the viewer and secondly all the creepy slow build all comes to a terrifying conclusion when we finally see the thing haunting Gail and it is a strong “WHOA!” factor from adult viewers and from children viewers (if they see it) it can be fucking terrorizing! i mean look at the pic that goes along with this review…if I saw this episode when i was very little i would not of been able to sleep for a week.

So this Halloween season if you want to add to your halloween viewing schedule something quick yet has a good creep factor, great buildup and some terrifying little monster. Seek out the Tales from the Darkside episode “INSIDE THE CLOSET” and make sure no little children watch with you muhahahahaha! – James J. Coker


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