The_Beyond_original_PosterWhen it comes to Italian horror or extreme gore films there is no denying Lucio Fulci or what he brought to to table in terms of gross factor and pushing the boundaries of gore. Some consider his masterpiece to be “Zombie 2” , but some consider it “The Beyond”. If you are in the mood for some extreme gore this Halloween, or great Italian horror, then this movie is the perfect film for you.
  The film starts in 1927 Louisiana. A mob of angry people come to a hotel and brutally beat a man with chains they call a warlock. They then take him to the basement of the hotel and brutally beat him some more and crucify him! Fast forward to 1981, the same hotel has been inherited by a woman named Liza, who is from New York. She proceeds to remodel and reopen the motel. Little does she know that the beneath the hotel lies a portal to hell, and her renovating the hotel has opened it. Liza then meets a mysterious blind woman named Emily and her dog. Emily then gives Liza morbid premonitions about the motel, which Liza dismisses. Meanwhile, people working on the motel begin having mysterious deaths, and Liza begins seeing a mysterious book titled ”Eibon” that mysteriously vanishes after she sees it. As the film progresses, zombies begin to rise from the grave and things do not get better for the characters as the film leads up to the ultimate gore soaked finale.
  Lucio Fulci pulled out all the stops on this movie, and there are several iconic gore scenes, such as when Emily’s dog brutally kills her by biting and ripping out a huge part of her neck, zombies head’s getting graphically blown off by guns, faces melted by acid, eyeballs gouged and a man being graphical eaten by tarantulas, and more! This film is pretty atmospheric as well, and that is a plus. When it was released theatrically in Britain, they had several of the good gore scenes cut out, and of course this film was put on the video nasty list. So do not watch this film if you do not like hardcore gore films, because that is what this film’s appeal is. But if you love gore or Italian horror ( Italian horror fans should have already seen this one) then this is the movie for you. While this film is famous amongst hardcore horror or gore fans, it is not known by the mainstream, therefore making it a hidden horror.
   This film was also released under another name called ”The Seven Doors of Death”, and that probably confused horror fans.Before Grindhouse Releasing (the late Sage Stallone’s movie company) released it on DVD, it was very hard to find. It was only available on rare VHS tapes and Beta (and that sucks). But fortunately Grindhouse released it on DVD and it came with a load of special features making it well worth the price. So this Halloween, if you want to see one of the goriest film ever made, then you must see this one. Enough cannot be said of how extreme this film or its gore is.
                                                -Dakota Bailey

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