13 huskI firmly believe that every Halloween season viewing schedule should include at least one solid Scarecrow horror movie. But sadly good scarecrow movies are few and far between. Last halloween season i reviewed 1995’s Night of the Scarecrow, so this year will be another good scarecrow film, the recent afterdark gem HUSK.

from IMDB: Scott, Chris, Johnny, Brian and his girlfriend Natalie are traveling together to spend a couple of days together nearby a lake. In a remote road in the limits of a cornfield, Scott hits a crow with his truck and their car breaks down. Johnny crosses the cornfield to seek help in an old farmhouse and vanishes. Brian and Chris cross the cornfield together heading to the house. Meanwhile, Natalie is dragged by something and Scott unsuccessfully tries to help her. Soon, the three friends find that they are stranded and a supernatural force is holding them in the farmhouse.

Now HUSK is one hell of a solid scarecrow and for good reason. The film is packed with atmosphere and a sharp sense of direction from Bret Simmons. It well acted and well shot with a brisk face pace running time that never left me bored what so ever and yet theres still good atmosphere too! packing atmosphere with a face pace can be difficult but Bret Simmons pulls it off really well.

Along with all the skill Bret Simmons puts into HUSK, the movie itself it quite ghoulish, unpredictable and actually has some genuine scares in it. It is Ghoulish with how it presents its scarecrows and particularly when the “scarecrows” hammer nails into there fingertips for weapons against our characters. The “Scarecrows” themselves have a particular nice twist to them and have established rules about them too. Also there is a sense of unpredicability to which characters live and die especially when the one character most horror fans feel will live does actually die. Now though Husk is ghoulish and atmospheric it does focus too much on the death scenes and the whole film feels like one of those old school horror movies that gets the point across right from the bat but also just a good ghoulish and fun horror movie in general.

So this Halloween season if you want some actually good scarecrow horror with a brisk pace, a good ghoulish sense to it and good atmosphere with some actual scares to it. I say seek out afterdarks HUSK, its a scarecrow movie that succeeds where many others have failed miserably…im looking at you Scarecrow Slayer. – James J. Coker


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